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There is little I like to try more than a new matte liquid lipstick and Jordana's are some of the most recent releases. I think they have been launched this spring and they come in 12 shades and in 8 sweet flavours. I have one of the brightest shades, but there are some nude shades that I have my eye on, since this one managed to impress me. I believe Jordana and Milani are sister brands like Catrice and Essence, so the formulas are understandably similar, but not the same.

Texture and finish: They call it a whipped cream texture in the official description and while they are a cream, I'm not that eager to call it whipped. The latter is more Bourjois' domain, but Jordana are actually much more like Milani's. The formula is a liquid cream texture, a bit heavier than most such products, but by no means actually heavy on the lips. Like Milani's it sets in under a minute to a perfect matte finish and after that is doesn't transfer one bit. It does feel like a layer, just like Milani's, so for some it will feel drying, but it's fine to me. The main difference with Milani's is that these are a bit sheerer, however, it's still completely opaque by using a bit more product. At this shade, that sheerness actually makes it looks like a different colour, since the first thin coat is a proper hot pink shade and the thicker the coat, the more red and warm it looks.

Colour: This one is very deceiving because it looks a simple warm red in the tube, but on the lips it's a bright hot warm red that demands attention. As I said before, the thinner the application the more pink it is and vice versa, though I would apply a very thick coat because there is a chance it'll start to flake. I swatched it next to my other similar shades and you can see how much pinker those look in the tube.

Staying power: Staying power is impressive, but a lot of such fuchsia shades tend to last very long and stain, so it would be nice to see how nude shades survive, since they are usually the weak link in the lipstick ranges. I have a picture of how it looked after six hours and a couple of (greasy) meals, and though one patch feel off and it became uneven, it wasn't that bad. Actually at the end of the day I had serious difficulties getting it off and I had to resort to an oil-based remover.

Scent: It has a vanilla-plastic scent and it's only noticeable at application. 

Packaging: The packaging is a simple plastic one that perhaps looks cheap, but doesn't behave like that and doesn't leak. The applicator is cut sideways or curvy for an easier application.

Price and availability: Mine is from Click2Chic where it costs 5.00 €. They have four shades, aside from this one also: Mixed Berry Souffle, Raspberry Tart and Strawberry Cheesecake.

The quality for the price is really good and if you liked Milani's version, you'll like these are well, just bear in mind that they are very matte and form a layer on the lips, so those with dry lips don't say I didn't warn you. This wasn't a shade I picked up myself and though it's very pretty, it's very bright, which means I probably won't wear it that often, so I would love to pick up a lighter shade or two like Creme Brulee, Rose Macaron or a deeper Tiramisu for every day, but I also like Raspberry Tart and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Have a great day!
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