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Now that it's been a while since I got this palette, I can say that it became my first choice when doing my makeup. It's such a wonderful palette for fans of neutral looks such as me. The colour range is more versatile than in any of my other palettes because it has a lot of medium "lid" shades and I use pretty much every shade in it apart from that purple and pink. The pigmentation of this palette is outstanding, they apply and blend so nicely, and every time you open the palette, you're greeted by the sweet cocoa/chocolate scent. I don't have many luxury makeup products, but I'm really enjoying this one.

If you read my review then you know I wasn't as impressed by this as I expected from an overwhelming amount of great reviews. My main issue with it is the flimsy tip, which was the reason for messy flicks from the start, however, the formula is amazing. I've been using it for several months now, it still works like new and I finally got the hang of the applicator, so my lines are a lot more precise. It's proving itself to be a great investment.

I just mentioned this in my favourite blushes post and it was my most used blush this month as well. I just love the glow it gives to the cheeks, it looks so healthy and pretty. The shade is more for pale skin tones if you want colour, unless you focus more on the central "shoe" part which has more colour, but the surrounding peachy part will act more as a highlighter on medium skin tones. The shimmer is just perfect, not at all chunky and the blush smells like vanilla, so it's like that Too Faced chocolate palette, which is also scented.

I've really grown to love this shade and I wear it probably just as much as Nude-ist. As concerned as I was this would look off on me, it's very much like I've seen it looking on medium skin tones, so a light rosy-mauve-beige slightly brown shade with a perfect matte finish. I don't find it drying, but I think that those with dry lips won't enjoy wearing this formula because it's very matte and it can feel tight. I really want to try some of the new shades they just released. Shabby Chic and Velvet Slipper are top of my list, but I won't hurry. 

I got the new Milani's foundation to try (review in Slovene, with before/after's) and of course 01 Vanilla is two-three shades too dark (and too orange) for me, which meant I had to dig out my self-tanner to properly test it without looking ridiculous. I finally had the chance to test Bare it All on a more medium-ish skin tone than my natural one and it looks so perfect (by the way picture of it on tanned skin is in Milani's review). Now I get why everyone loves it and its alleged dupe Velvet Teddy. People say the formula of these is dry, but it feels fine to me and I apply it without tugging or dragging (though Just Peachy just fell out of the tube).  

ESSIE Nail Lacquer
Eternal Optimist
I just got this last week and didn't talk about it yet, but it just shot up into my favourites shade ever. It is precisely what I've been looking for years - a muted powdery rosy pink. The formula is another fantastic one from Essie - it's so smooth, a simple two coater and very easy to apply with their brush.

I have this pack of products that are my beauty heroes and though I mention them quite a lot, I don't feature them in my favourites because then they'd be in every one. Orofluido je precisely such a product, a hair silicone-oil that I've been buying for years and I use it after I wash my hair. It's thick, so not for thin, oily hair, but it's perfect for mine and this month my hair has been feeling drier than usual (I've been using anti-dandruff shampoo for a while now, which tends to be stripping) and I've been testing this new Afrodita oil I got (dislike it), so in such situations I then slap on a lot of Orofludo and it just mends the situation. I find it one of the best on the market for dry hair, as it doesn't just behave like a regular smoothing serum, but it also adds a bit of extra nourishment that my hair desperately needs and I'm also still in love with the gorgeous oriental scent it has.

The call this the Pick-Me-Up cologne spray and it is just that. It smells like freshly laundered clothes hanging in the warm summer sun, so it does make you think of sunshine. I get questions whether it lasts a long time - it's not uncommon that I smell this at the end of the day, but mostly if it sprayed on clothes. It is an oily-feeling fragrance, though, so different than most.

I dig this out every summer because it's such a lovely, refreshing mist with a great tropical cocktail scent. It doesn't smell like either of the two things listed on the bottle, so cherry blossom and peach, instead it's more of a passion fruit/ fresh tropical scent. Staying power is very poor though, but at versions like Coconut Passion it's excellent. I'm so glad these came to Slovenia and when I use this one up, I'll probably get Mango Temptation next.

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