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I think I finally tanned a little, though my neck is still ghostly pale, but I nonetheless started using this foundation on its own, without mixing it with a lighter foundation. I absolutely love it, I have for all these years, no matter the season because it just blends into the skin so well that is looks almost invisible, but still gives me a light-medium coverage. I know some people dislike the dewy finish it leaves, but I love it because it makes the skin look so fresh and I also like how fast it sets, therefore there is none of that "foundation stickiness" that I dislike. 

About a week ago my skin started to act up and I reached for full coverage concealers a lot more than usual. Nars' Chantilly is very light, so I used mostly Collection's one as they are so similar anyway. This covers so well and it also layers good enough if the spot you're covering is particularly stubborn. I recently included this in my post about favourite concealers.

 I've never tried a softer lipstick in my life, but it's also pigmented enough that you can easily achieve full coverage, so it's far from a glorified tinted lip balm like most such products. Add in the fact that it's very moisturising and you get possibly the most comfortable lip product ever (Clarins' Lip Perfector and Catrice's Lip Smoother would be its best rivals). On me Rose is a lovely, neutral pink shade that is a shade or two darker than my natural lip colour, so it's a great every day colour. It think my favourite part about this lipstick is the scent - it smells like Planica ice cream, so it's absolutely yummy. I would however stick to buying only the light shades in this formula as I fear things could get very smudgy due the fact it's so soft. 

I love this shade so much, even though I got a very mixed response on it, but this is my perfect 90's inspired colour. It looks very warm brown on most people I've seen, but on me it's more cool toned and mauve-y, yet not at all draining like Essence's Satin Mauve lip liner. I just love this on my lips - it makes them look more defined and perfected, plus I like the formula of these as well.

There is something summer that makes me crave a nice punchy warm orange red on my lips. The obvious choice would be Lady Danger, but I prefer Dangerous as it's a tiny bit less orange, which appeals to me more. It's a nice creamy formula even though it's matte, but if you have dry lips, it could feel drying after a couple of hours as it's a retro matte finish. I'm still living on my The Body Needs samples, which is a bit pathetic, but Mac lipsticks cost twice as much in Europe than in USA, not to mention they're not even sold in Slovenia (thanks for that Mac. I'm sure your logic regarding this is flawless). I did hear that Milani's Matte Passion is a good enough dupe for Lady Danger, so I'm lemming it. I'm wearing Dangerous in this Instagram photo. 

This is such a glamorous colour on the nails and it doesn't look even remotely as bland as in the bottle. It's densely packed champagne gold shimmer that is opaque with two coats. I'm not terribly happy with the fact that it can look uneven on some nails and it's hard to fix that, though it's not that noticeable due to the textured finish. Also the removal process is terribly tedious, but I survived it three times already and it's all worth it for the colour.

The colour of this is so beautiful. It's a proper fuchsia shade and it has this tiny violet-blue frost in it that isn't obvious, but it gives the nail colour a cool toned blue-ish hue. This is the most perfect one coater I found, so I really like the formula.

I completely forgot about this nail polish - shame on me! It's bloody gorgeous, I seriously adore the colour of this. It's the colour of pink flamingos in the Camargue at the south of France. I've seen them in person  and the ends of their feathers looks just like this colour. This is like a pinker Cute as a Button, so it's a mix of hot pink and coral, which ends up looking so pretty. My bottle is ancient hence the formula isn't at its best, but I remember being very fond of Barry M nail polishes.

I just love the scent of this and I keep opening the bottle to sniff it. It's so refreshing, like a nice glass of tropical fizzy soda. Everyone says it smells like Radenska Ace Tropic, but I wouldn't know for sure. It's just a basic shower gel, but the scent is divine,

a.k.a. Hautklar Fruit Energy Peeling-Gel
I used this occasionally as a morning cleanser sporadically all year because I discovered that it's drying my skin if I use it too often, but this month I have been using it daily at night and it has been working very well for me. It's very liberating to use such a non-fuss cleanser for a change. As much as I love cleansing balms and oils, they are a lot more time consuming than gels and mousses. This one is a cleansing gel with very gentle scrub particles that cleans well enough (it won't remove eye makeup) and smells really refreshing. My skin must have changed in these past months as I've noticed zero dryness after using this very regularly and I've really been enjoying using this.
I have heard though that this disappeared from our drugstores. I've seen a new version with a pump, but I haven't tried it yet. They have the scrub on Boots International.

a.k.a. Hoch Karäter Volumen + Glaz Soufflé
It must be at least ten years since I last used a hair wax and I used to only use it to tame frizz. It never occurred to me that such a product would be nice for defining curls and providing hold as well. This is actually called a soufflé and it does resemble it due to the very airy texture, but it is essentially a light hair wax. It defines the curls nicely and gives some extra hold, but it doesn't feel too greasy on my hair (I'm not sure I'd use this on thin hair, though). It proved itself to be just as effective in terms of hold as a hair spray. 

I also reached a thousand subscribers on my Instagram account a few days ago and I wanted to thank you here as well. I became really fond of Instagram, despite being reluctant to sign up less than a year ago, but I've really been enjoying funnelling my creativity there as well. Thank you to all that are subscribed to my account and I hope you'll like my future posts there.

Have a great day!
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