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I've already put this in my last monthly favourites, but at the time I've only had it for a couple of weeks. After a month I'm just loving this foundation more and more. I did a proper review less than week ago, so I won't say much, but I love how natural it looks on my skin and more importantly that it doesn't look ugly over pores, it doesn't wear off weird and is just in general so much better than the Luminous version. It's become one of my favourite foundations ever.

I don't know when was the last time I put an eyeliner in my favourites, but I'm so fussy with them it's rare they manage to impress me enough that I feel confident enough to share them in here and I've tried a lot. I'm still not saying this is perfect, as it still has its faults, but overall I've been enjoying using it every day since I got it and it's very reliable. It's more intense than pen eyeliners and it dries super matte, those are the things I like most. Unlike most other cheap liquid liners that need to be dipped, this one has a surprisingly comfortable and properly useful felt nib, so it's similar to my beloved pen liners and not a scratchy stick or a flimsy brush. It's also faultless when it comes to doing flicks without losing colour on the nib as it very often happens to pen liners. 

This is one of those blushes that I use pretty regularly all the time, so it deserves a shout out every now and then in monthly favourites because it's so brilliant. It's one of those goes-with-everything blushes, though this one is a bit pinker and brighter than for example I'm Nuts About You. The formula of these is amazing and it's one of the rare blushes in the drugstores that last well. L'Oreal's palette is still in my opinion the best set of blushes you can buy in the drugstores, but this one is not far behind it.

I bought four Lippie Stix and what impressed me most is the baby Ultra Satin lip colour that came as a gift with purchase. But the colour is so beautiful, I'm kicking myself for not noticing it sooner. It's a pinker, less coral leaning version of Sephora's Strawberry Kissed or a more red version of Mac's All Fired Up, so one of those pink reds I so enjoy wearing. Since it's an Ultra Satin, it takes longer to dry than Ultra Matte and I've already said in my original review that these are a better option if you're scared of very drying matte lipsticks, but you still want Colourpop's matte finish. Also these minis are super cute.

This shade has been on my nails for a couple of weeks this month. It's such a great shade when you want something that's appropriate for almost every occasion because it's a warm pink with a twist that can work as a sort of nude. 

Freedom! After suffocating under a layer of greasy, sticky sunscreen for over a month (yay for Skinfood's 10 Solution sunscreen), this feels like a dream. It's an old version though, as they've recently made some changes to the formula and the new ones are supposedly not that light anymore. But this feels like a velvety primer, so dry to the touch, but otherwise noticeable. There is no white cast and I don't notice any particular sunscreen shine, so those are another pluses. I've been spending more time in the sun than I normally do (it's just so nice) and I got no burns, no new freckles and super pale foundations are still my best match, so it's protecting me well.

I've had a long string of pretty mediocre micellar waters to use up for the past years, exceptions are Garnier's micellar with oil and Green Line's, but I saw this one had a nice discount when I was shopping and I decided to take a plunge. I was drawn to the pH 5.5 label because I'm exploring K-Beauty skincare which gives a strong emphasis to the pH neutral cleansers and this turned out to be a great buy. I think it's my favourite classic micellar so far (so I'm excluding the Garnier oil one because that one leaves a layer behind, while others feel like water) and though I haven't had Bioderma in a really long time and I can't be certain, this one feels very much like it in terms of effectiveness. It removes makeup well as long as it's not waterproof mascara, it's light, but not drying, it leaves my skin feeling nice and the scent is a gentle pharmaceutical one. After a long time a regular micellar that don't want to just use up as quickly as possible and finally buy Bioderma again.

This was a really pleasant surprise. I don't use gel cleansers and I haven't for years because they are too drying for my skin, but instead of wiping off oil cleanser with a flannel which I now started believing just isn't that gentle to the skin as skin care buffs claim (I've been doing it consistently for three years), I decided to rather wash it off with a gel, so I started doing a proper double wash. This one was the cheapest and easiest to get on the list of pH 5.5 cleansers (it doesn't say that on the bottle, but girls from K-Beauty Reddit tested it), so I got it more as a trial cleanser to see if I like this oil + gel routine. It's got a surprisingly thick jelly texture and though it doesn't foam much, my face feels very clean after use. My skin still gets tight after a few minutes, so I rush to get at least Secret Key Essence on, but in general it has been working really well for me. My only complaint is the annoyingly strong clean masculine scent, but I always get used to scents. My tube is already running low, so I'll have to get a new one, but at 1.19 € it's a complete bargain.

Surprisingly the reason this shower gel is here is the scent. Despite being a MED product, so one that should be appropriate for sensitive skin which often reacts to fragrance, this is quite scented, but I just love its lovely chamomile scent. I like the formula of it and it cleans well, plus I find that since I started using ph 5.5 shower gels, my skin is less dry, though I still need to apply body butter when I remember to do that on my legs because of the shaving. 

I really loved this one and I'm seriously considering purchasing most of the versions of these because I enjoyed it so much. I would already order them if it didn't take so long for them to arrive from Korea (I'm again waiting a month for two parcels, while I got two from Taiwan in two weeks. What is happening?) This had the best fit ever on my face, they were no creases, it only covered my scalp for a centimetre or two and the sheet is so thin, it's invisible on the face when wet. This version worked almost the same as the Snow White version, just as I predicted, so more even, bright skin that's super soft. It's got a high alcohol content, but it wasn't detectable.

This one wasn't as comfortable to wear as a lot of the rest because the sheet is thick, but I liked how nice my skin looked when I woke up. It wasn't anything amazing, but it just looked good, nourished and plumper (my smile lines were diminished). The essence is one of the thicker ones, like a lotion, but it sunk in very fast. This one has a noticeable fragrance of milk candy mixed with something chemical. It wasn't mind blowing, but I would repurchase it.

I loved the effects of this one, but it had its tiny faults, still I'm including it here. It's got such a lovely comfortable gel type of essence and there is so much left, you can easily transfer it to a bottle and use it for several days, but it's quite a heavy essence once you remove the mask, leaving the skin very sticky, so you need to either rinse it off or use it right before bed. Its biggest plus is that it's so far the most effective mask I've tried that diminishes the look of smile lines and its effect last a good day or so, but otherwise it was just very nourishing and there wasn't any brightening or softening effect. The sheet was thin and comfortable to wear. However, I noticed it's probably breaking me out because I got spots just where I was applying the remaining essence. 

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