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I have found an even better felt tip liner than my beloved L'Oreal's Super Liner Perfect Slim and it was where I least expected. For the past year or so, since I bought my first felt tip eyeliner, I have been using them religiously, even on "no make-up days" because a thin, precise line on the top lash line just makes my eyes more defined and not so tired looking. L'Oreal's was my favourite for a long time and I still love it, but for the past month I've been using Deeply Felt and it's even better.  

The nib is the smallest I've used so far and it's that feature that makes it more precise and even easier to use when drawing flicks. I presume that because it's smaller, it should stay saturated with ink longer, at least I hope so (L'Oreal's lasts very long). The nib also feels a bit smoother compared to L'Oreal's, like it's a different type of material and not one like at marker pens. The formula is more liquid than at other felt tip liners I've tried meaning it looks more smooth around the edges, especially when it comes to drawing a flick and it's very intensely black. It allows to create even thinner lines than L'Oreal's and they are smoother.

Staying power is impressive as well, but not better than L'Oreal's. In fact it's about the same, both last all day on me without fading, provided of course I don't rub my eyes (I should also mention that my lid are normal and I don't normally use a primer).

I've been using it for about a month every day and it has gotten a touch drier, however, the nib is still saturated as well as the tip, so it still allows to create super thin lines with the tip and I don't have to use it sideways to draw the line with the base of the nib. 

Deeply Felt is more expensive than L'Oreal's, however, I have completely fallen in love with it and I will continue repurchasing it. I'm really happy I had the chance to try it, my prejudice (and the refusal to let the K-family fill their coffers at my expense) would probably stop me from ever doing so if I weren't given this to test.

I was given this to try, but international readers can get it on Feel Unique for 15.54 €.

Izdelek mi je bil podarjen za preizkus s strani Clik2Chic, ki pa trenutno še nima tega eyelinerja na voljo, ampak menda bo. Druge izdelke Kardashian Beauty lahko najdete tukaj.

Have a great day!
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