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As far as hair care goes, I'm aware that I am very fussy and demanding, but I want only the best for my hair and that's because my hair isn't the easiest to deal with due to the dry, coarse and fizzy condition of it, so it requires a lot more care than average hair. Kérastase Nutrive line contains some of the by far best hair products I've tried so far, with Oleo-Relax shampoo being my favourite shampoo of all time. Bain Satin 1 is another shampoo in that line, but one designed for normal to slightly dry hair. There is also Bain Satin 2 which is meant for dry, sensitized hair.

Bain Satin 1 has a creamy formula and not a gel one like Oleo Relax. Despite that I find it less nourishing and it doesn't leave my hair so magnificently silky as Oleo-Relax, but also doesn't leave my hair stripped. While Oleo-Relax feels like a 2-in-1 product, so like there is also some conditioner added, Bain Satin 1 rinses of completely without leaving that silky layer on the hair. That's why it might appeal more to those who have moderately dry hair and avoid shampoos that could weigh down the hair. It foams very well, cleans the hair well, almost to a squeaky clean point, but doesn't make the hair feel like straw and it smells very classically clean, so similar to Nivea and the likes.

The one thing that kind of does bothers the spoiled side of me is the absence of a flip lid. It's all very old school with the screw off lid

I much prefer Oleo-Relax for my hair type and it's still my favourite ever shampoo. Bain Satin is better suited for those with normal/moderately dry hair or even hair with dry ends that gets greasy fast (but don't quote me on that) as it leaves nothing behind, but clean hair. If it's in your budget and fits your hair type, give it a try as it's a lovely shampoo, but for super dry, frizzy hair I'd still go with Oleo-Relax.

Kérastase is sold in hair salons (for example Simple in Slovenia) and in online shops. It costs around 20 €.

Have a great day! 
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