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When I was planning to order from Kiko, these eyeshadows were at the top of my list to buy. The hype surrounding these is impossible to ignore, especially since they have been dubbed as the dupe for By Terry Ombre Black Star eyeshadows. Eyeshadows in stick form were one of my first eyeshadows ever, but back then they were dry and tugged on the lids, so I haven't bought one since. This is completely different and find it nothing short of amazing, so believe me when I say that the hype is justified.

The texture is so creamy and in reminds me of Maybelline's Color Tattoo, just in a more convenient stick form. It just glides in the eyes, without tugging or dragging and you don't have to go over the line a  million times for an opaque and even finish. This shade is very pigmented, but of course as you blend the intensity diminishes, so you have to build up the colour if you want a nicely blended look with the intense colour on the lid. It blends so well and with any blending brush I've tried, from the classic MAC's 217 to the inexpensive synthetic eBay one. 

Once it sets it doesn't move for ages. It only creases at the end of the day and even then it's not in any way tragic (I have normal lids). Their claim about an 8 hour no-transfer eyeshadow is not exaggerated as far as my experience goes. For a cream eyeshadow to perform so well, is quite an achievement.

38 Golden Taupe is a neutral taupe shade with an equal mix of brown and grey, so a type of shade I love wearing and in the same colour family as Satin Taupe, which pairs excellently with Golden Taupe. It has quite large, but sparse chunks of gold-green shimmer, which to me looks out of place, especially when the eyeshadow is blended out, but it's not too distracting and it's still a nice everyday shade.

This is one of the most impressive eyeshadow formulas I've tried so far and if you love Maybelline's Tattoos you'll love this as well. I wouldn't mind having some more shades in my collection, especially after seeing shade 06 that my fellow Slovene bloggers, Petra and Sandra ordered. I also like shade 04 Golden Chocolate that Nadja swatched here.

These cost 6.90 € and they are so worth it.

Have you tried these? Have a great day!
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