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After being seriously impressed with the shade 38, I really wanted to get my hands on more of these. I planned on getting more colours, I still do, but settled on one more shade for now - 06 Golden Brown. These are the most amazing cream eyeshadows I tried and some of the quickest to use, which is something that always appeals to me.

06 Golden Warm is a bronze shade that is actually very similar to Maybellline's On and on Bronze, but it's a bit darker and cooler. Thankfully, this one does not have the chunky shimmer like shade 38, it's just a simple metallic bronze. Despite being so similar to On and on Bronze, both in terms of colour and texture, I prefer Kiko's version because it's so much easier to use. It's almost as a thick eyeliner that you apply it over the lid and blend with a fluffy brush. It takes seconds and you're done. 

The texture of these is so creamy and even now that the 38 is a bit older, it hasn't dried up so much that is would start tugging on the lids. These just glide on the skin and leave a fully opaque streak of colour. This shade is very pigmented, but of course as you blend the intensity diminishes, so you have to build up the colour if you want a nicely blended look with the intense colour on the lid. It blends so well and with any blending brush I've tried, from the classic MAC's 217 to the inexpensive synthetic eBay one. 

Once it sets it won't budge. The colour is still on the lids late at night, it may be a bit creased if you didn't set it with a powder eyeshadow, but most of the colour is still there. These are really the most long lasting eyeshadows I've tried. 

I got mine is a Kiko shop in Palmanova for 4.90 €. I paid 6.90 € for the first one online.

These are so worth it and if you happen to go to Kiko or order online, these are my top recommendation, even above their nail polishes. I use them as a base a lot, but also individually and they perform so well. I really need to buy more of these.

Have a great day! 
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