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Of course I couldn't go though checkout when doing my Kiko order without a mint green nail polish in the basket and I've chosen, what I believe is, their lightest version of the shade. Jade Green is a similar colour to the much more famous Mint Candy Apple, but it is a bit greener and less bright, so it's almost something like a "dirty" mint green. Obviously I love it to death (my mint green obsession is well known and substantiated by my pinterest board. And my clothes. And bedroom. I digress...).

The formula is much better than Candy Apple's. It's still a pastel formula, but one that is opaque in two coats and it kind of evens itself out after a few seconds, so the finish isn't as streaky as at MCA and you don't have to pile on coats to achieve a smooth finish. The brush is a good one and applies the product well. 

 Though I get asked about it a lot, I don't like to discuss staying power because pretty much everything lasts ages on my nails (I planted a field of potato with this nail polish and the nail polish didn't chip one bit. My nails are just really healthy and strong). I usually change the colour after a week when my nails grow too much. This is no exception, but I did notice that it lasts longer that Mint Candy Apple, though bear in mind my Essie is ancient in nail polish years (nearing its fifth year I believe). By the way, the pictures of the nail polish on the nails were taken on the third day because I forgot before.

Nail polish costs 3.90 € in Kiko shops and on their international website. I would definitely like to try more of their nail polishes as they have an amazing shade range and I really like the formula.

Have a great day!
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