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Last month when I was in Kiko for the first time (for more than two seconds now that I know that this is actually a decent brand), I wanted to pick up a muted powder pink-grey nail polish. 508 Rose Sand was top on my list, however, unfortunately I was quite disappointed when I saw how much smaller the selection of shades was in Palmanova compared to the website. They of course didn't have Pink Sand, nor did they have a navy nail polish I wanted (522 pearly sapphire blue), but 375 Bois de Rose looked closest to the powder pink colour I wanted. 

375 Bois de Rose is a warm muted medium pink. It's an interesting colour, but not what I was looking for when it's on my nails. The formula is that of a classic nail polish and thick, so you get full opacity quick. It is however, not a gel formula, which means you get ridges during application and it doesn't even itself out, but stays like that. A coat of Seche Vite on a slightly wet layer of nail polish fixes that problem. The finish is almost satin, it's definitely not as glossy as most nail polishes. Two coats are needed for full opacity, but even one coat is close. The brush is a classic one and it works fine.

It's an okay nail polish. I'd say it's nice for the price, but Essence actually has better ones for even cheaper. What's truly impressive at Kiko is their shade range, they have literally any colour you can imagine, however, I have yet to it the full range in a shop.
This nail polish cost 1.90 € in Kiko, Palmanova.

I have another shade called 345 Jade Green from before and I actually like the formula a lot more, especially for a pastel colour.

Have a great day!
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