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I own a couple of Kiko nail polishes and I can definitely say that they are brilliant for the price, however, mine are from their regular line, while I've never tried these Smart Fast Dry ones. The bottle is smaller, but aside from that I expected about the same formula. But it isn't.

129 is a beautiful a nude shade with some pinky-mauve tones, making it similar to my beloved Deborah Gel Effect 01 and a shade for every occasion. Petra chose this one for me and she clearly knows me well.

Kiko has the best pastel mint green shade and trust me that's hard to find, so I was surprised when I saw this has one of those old school annoying pastel formulas. It's thick and pigmented, however the application is rather tedious. I'm very spoiled by gel formulas at which even pastels basically cover everything evenly in one coat. This one is very uneven and even the second coat doesn't manage to fix it as you get sheer patches. I've been doing three coats with this one and if it weren't a pastel shade, I'm sure the unevenness would be much more visible.

Staying power is already a better characteristic of this nail polish. It lasted the normal 1 week one me and there weren't any major chips. The brush is classic.

It's sold in Kiko for 2.50 €.

Have a great day!
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