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Meet my favourite moisturiser. Last summer the lovely sales assistant at L'Occitane treated me to a generous sample (generous even by their standards) of this moisturiser, which she put in a mini pot. It lasted me quite a while, so I had a good chance of testing it out and I feel absolutely in love with it. I've been very loyal to Eucerin's Aquaporin Active Light moisturiser, but this one is even better. Due to the eye-watering price, this persisted on my wishlist since that summer, but my birthday came along a couple of months ago and I finally got my hands on it.

Texture and effect: I adore this moisturiser - it's so light yet really hydrating. It feels like a standard cream with a lighter texture. I think it should work for almost any skin type, even oily, only really dry skin might need something more. It sinks in the skin in under a minute and leaves a smooth, semi-matte finish and the skin feels almost velvety to the touch. Due to that it's the best moisturiser I've found for wearing under makeup. The skin looks so healthy after using this and in general the skin improves over time in terms of hydration levels.  

Scent: I've really grown fond of the scent. It's a herbal fresh scent that is not too strong. I don't know why, but it reminds me of summer, though it's not a summer scent. 


Packaging: That's my only real gripe. Sure the pot is really pretty and looks expensive, but I would prefer a squeezable tube since it's annoying to put fingers inside the pot and then the moisturiser is stuck under the nails, something I don't like. The pot is made of heavy, matte glass and the lid is metal. 

Price and availability: At 37€ per pot in L'Occitane it's definitely not the cheapest moisturiser around, but I truly love it. However, if you want a cheaper alternative try Eucerin Aquaporin Active Light (15€), which is also absolutely brilliant.

This is my favourite moisturiser so far for my normal/combination skin. I love everything about it, from texture, effect and scent, my only complaint is the unpractical packaging, but I can live with it. I suggest you try a sample first, they are ever so generous at L'Occitane if you ask them and I have found some brilliant products due to that.
By the way, if your skin is very oily and you need something mattifying in the morning, I also love their Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid of which I spoke here.

Have a great day!
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