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In the latest contour orientated collection, L'Oreal went a step further and included a set of blushes as well. Both "mini palettes" consist of three shades: a highlighter, a sort of an emphasising centre colour and the base blush. Basically it's designed to work as a contouring blush, meaning you play with different intensities to get I guess the plumpest looking cheeks. Nice idea, but I'm not that thrilled about the execution and the packaging doesn't enable the use described in the instructions. It might if the centre panel were wider because now I can't grab just that colour. You can use this as a blush colour and highlighter separately if you wish, or just mix everything

Texture: These are quite hard blushes, which is a good thing considering how close the shades are to each other because they aren't so powdery that the shades would mix like at BeYu contour palette. Despite being more tightly pressed, they have more than enough pigmentation. The brush picks up product quickly, with the pink one I need about two layers, but at the bronze one I need to be very careful because it's very pigmented. The highlighters have some chunky glitters which is never a good look and both blushes have a mix of a sheen plus individual bits of glitter on the cheeks, though they are not very obvious on the skin unless you're under direct sunlight.

102 Nude beige
This is definitely not a blush for pale people and I have no idea how it would look on darker skin tones, but to me it looks like a bronze eyeshadow trio. It's very, very pigmented and dark, so I need to use only a small amount, but it just looks too brown-peachy on me.  The highlighter is quite golden with bigger shimmer, the middle is a muted peachy shade and the last shade is a bronze colour with shimmer.

201 Soft Rosy
The more wearable one of the two, at least for my skin tone, but it's a very classic baby doll/bubble gum shade. The highlighter is in a shade of cotton candy, the centre is interesting a peachy shade and the last shade is a standard pink. It's less strongly pigmented than 102 and easier to apply.

Staying Power: Nothing to write come about, but shimmer persist almost to the end.

Packaging: This is a packaging that would work for an eyeshadow, but as a blush, you can't use each shade individually unless you use a thin blush. The centre panel can only be picked up with an eyeshadow brush, however, you can simply use these together, but that sort of fails the purpose of this brush.

Price and availability: These cost 11.99 € and are sold in almost every drugstore.

Honestly, it's a bit hard for me to be excited about a Barbie pink and bronze blush with shimmer, as I tend to wear more natural looking colours on my cheeks, but these are nicely pigmented blushes which apply well and you do get three colours in one. In terms of quality these do deliver, however, you can't do actual contouring with them. Review of the contour palettes is here.

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