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Lip palettes were never my thing, as is basically anything I need to apply with a lip brush because it just takes too much time and it's so hard to get a fully opaque application. But even I have to admit that these L'Oreal ones look appealing. Two versions of the palettes exist, one with a selection of six nude shades and one with six reds. 

Texture: These are a bit different from standard lipsticks in terms of texture and are much more like an opaque-gloss-meets-a-creamy-lipstick type of formula. They aren't waxy and feel light on the lips without any stickyness. Pigmentation is actually really good, especially once you break the top layer, so you can get an opaque application, but it's going to take you a couple of layers and several dips into the product purely to get enough lipstick to cover the lips first (most brushes don't really hold much product). These have a creamy glossy finish on the lips.


The nude palette has a very varied collection of nude shades and it shows that they tried to do complimenting shades for various skin tones. Only the fourth one is pinky, which means it's the closest to those rosy-browns that are popular at the moment, while the rest are in the peachy-brown category.

Shade 1 - a peachy, slightly pinky nude. It's very pale on me, like in the style of colours we wore in late 00's such as Creme de Nude. I can't decide if I look ok with such shades.

Shade 2 - a cute light peachy-pink shade. It's somehing like Mac's Peach Blossom and it's one of my favourites in the palette.

Shade 3 - a medium peach shade. It should suit warm skin tones.

Shade 4 - a "flesh shade" or a muted red-pink. A very "in" shade for now and one of my favourites.

Shade 5 - a medium brown shade. It would look like a typical nude shade on medium skins.

Shade 6 - a darker brown shade with a bit of red.  I will make it a mission to never wear it, but it should suit medium-dark warm skin tones.


You wouldn't expect much variety in a red palette, but there is. You get ta mix of cool and warm shades, two more fun summery colours, classic reds and a bit of a deeper berry.

Shade 1 - a warm pink-red shade. Love this one and if you're wondering whether is similar to Mac's Impassioned, it's not as it's more red.

Shade 2 - an orange red, or should I just call it orange at least on my skin tone. It's more orange than Mac's Lady Danger

Shade 3 - a cool toned slightly pinky red. It's actually very similar to shade 5 on the lips and there are only small differences.

Shade 4 - a brick red, red with some brown. It might be similar to MAC's Chilli, though it looks less brown to me.

Shade 5 - a classic blue toned red, but less cool than L'Oreal's Blake.

Shade 6 - a dark berry red. It's more red and lighter than L'Oreal's Laetitia.

Scent: These have the typical L'Oréal powdery floral scent, I think it's of violets and I've actually loved it for over a decade, but I hear a lot of complaints about it. It's quite strong and noticeable when you open the palette.

Staying power: I have to say I expected a lot less from these, but they actually last well for glossy lipsticks. A get at least a few hours of good wear and they don't get completely ruined by drinking, though they transfer everywhere. 

Packaging: These palettes are beautiful and feel expensive, but I think the biggest plus is a big mirror, which comes very handy. They could have a plastic insert to protect the mirror from being dirty from the lipsticks, as mine is already a bit messy. A brush is included.

Price and availability: These are expensive, though you get a lot of shades. It costs 13.99 € in almost every drugstore. 

Surprisingly, I like these. I have 12 new shades and I have to say I have no dupes for them, I don't even have that many similar shades especially for the nude palette. L'Oréal managed to bring a nice collection of colours that don't feel boring or seen a million times and I'm especially surprised at the variety in the red palette. The application process isn't my favourite, but they are so much better than any such products I've tried before, so I would classify them as a nice drugstore buy. I think these would make a great gift for someone who is into makeup or wants to experiment with nude and red shades. Literally anyone who has seen these at my place loved the look of them.

Have a great day!

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