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I wanted a proper pastel blue nail polish for a while, but always forgot to check which ones we actually have here and as far as I knew most were too dark for my taste. Les Blanc collection isn't new, but it caught my eye quite a while ago and yet passed it by afterwards countless of times because my interest in nail polish is much lower than in most other makeup products. Les blancs is a collection of off-white shades, basically very light pastels and in it is the most perfect pastel blue nail polish I ever saw.  

Ocean Porcelaine is a white base with a touch of sky blue in it and it has that tiny bit of greyness to it, which makes it so special. It looks so pretty on the nails, I just can't stop looking at them. The formula is quite a sheer and light one for a pastel nail polish, so I need two-three coats for an even opaque finish, but it depends on the thickness of the application. I am very spoiled by the recent generation of "gel effect" nail polishes, which bought along much improved pastel formulas, so this one as the member of the "old nail polishes" isn't as good, especially when it comes to how even it looks on the nails, but it's not the worst application in the world. The brush is of medium width and works fine. 

I got mine in DM for 5.19 €. The bottle contains only 5 ml, which is very little for the price, but I adore the colour, so I allowed myself such luxury.

Have a great day!
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