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I've had this post ready for months now. I was looking at some of my old posts, when I was making the post directory and have decided that I need to reswatch my beloved L'Oreal Colour Infalible eyeshadows. I have six in my collection and before I got the Naked Basics palette, some of these shades were my most used eyeshadows.
These have pressed pigment/cream eyeshadow hybrid type of texture that is very smooth and ultra pigmented. I don't like to apply them with brushes because it's difficult to get colour on them, but I always apply them with fingers like cream eyeshadow. I get maximum pigmentation with pretty much one swipe and then blend the edges with a fluffy brush. Due to their strong pigmentation, they work excellently as liners. The formula is very longlasting, the longest out the all the eyeshadows I tried, but these do crease if your eyelids are oily after several hours. Applied as a liner they can last all day on my lids. All of the shades I own are very shimmery and maybe that's my only little gripe since I'm more of a matte girl.

002 Hourglass Beige - super shimmery very light gold. A great inner corner highlighter or lid shade if you want a very shimmery  glamorous look.

021 Sahara Treasure - soft golden taupe. This was my most worn lid shade.

024 Bronze Goddess - golden olive. Gorgeous colour, I often wear it as a liner.

012 Endless Chocolat - warm chocolate brown. I adore this shade, again I wear it loads as a liner. It looks particularly good on the lower lashline with my eye colour. 

015 Flashback Silver - silver with a lavender hue. I wanted something silver, but this isn't really what I was looking for.

005 Purple Obsession - purple with blue and purple shimmer. I got this as a gift. Purple isn't really my colour, so I don't tend to wear it.
Several shades aren't sold any more and there are loads of new shades. I was shocked to discover that Endless Chocolat isn't available here anymore, but I managed to track it down on Fragrance Direct. These cost about 8 € in drugstores here, but they are cheaper online. Also the names of US, Canadian and European shades are different. Nunu compiled a very handy list of all the different names of the same shades here.

Happy holidays and merry Christmas!
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