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Lip gloss is something I pushed aside years ago in favour for the non-sticky, more long-lasting lipsticks. However, recently I have found myself very impressed by the latest L'Oreal's offering - L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks. I know the name suggests they are lipsticks, but they have a glossy finish and poorer lasting power than the real thing, ergo it's a very pigmented lip gloss and I have been thoroughly enjoying wearing it from the moment it first touched my lips.

This such a creamy lip product and I would describe it as lip balm/pigmented gloss hybrid. It's almost fully opaque upon application and you get a nice punch of colour if you layer it, but it wears off to a semi-opaque shade after a while. I have to say I am slightly in love with the creamy gloss shine finish it has and I in general do not like glossy finish on me, though  after a while the shine disappears and all it's left is a sort of a creamy stain. The formula of it isn't at all sticky, though it is thick.

Rose Symphony is a mix of rose, warm pink and a hint of coral with a touch of gold shimmer. There is  something about this colour that makes my eyes appear more blue. I love this shade for any occasion really, even if I'm having a no makeup day, I love wearing this on the lips because it just looks so damn good.

The scent of it is amazing - it smells like peaches! Specifically like Haribo Peach jellies, which are some of my favourite sweets. I adore it.

Since it's a lip gloss type of product, don't expect an amazing staying power, though this particular one manages to cling on quite well and after a couple of hours you are still left with a stain on the lips, of course provided you didn't have lunch.

I find the packaging quite pretty and I'm fond of the gold tube with a little window where the colour is visible, even thought is collects fingerprints like nobody's business. The applicator is a soft larger flat doe foot one and it's easy to use.

I bought mine from Boots, but I hear they are available around Europe and I'm guessing the rest of the world. I'm sure people at L'Oreal were very busy scouring for young girls at the world cup to be their new faces only to fire them two days later  (hey, I don't appreciate 17-year-olds brandishing rifles either), but surely now that is over, someone might find the time to launch these lip products on Slovenia's market. It would be greatly appreciated. But for now I think the closest places where they are sold is in Austria and Italy (keep in mind that the shades name are probably different).

Well colour me impressed. It was love at first swipe. As a hardcore lipstick lover, to have a lip gloss excite me is quite an accomplishment and I wouldn't object to owning more of these. Though I would love to give Maybelline's and Dior's versions a go. Could it be that my interest in lip gloss is rekindled? Well see what the future holds.

Have a great day!
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