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L'Oreal recently released a new line that contains foundation, concealer and a highlighting base. I got the latter, which I've only seen in Interspar supermarkets (here in Slovenia of course, I'm not sure about other countries) and not in our drugstores (a bit odd if you ask me). Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup describes it as a close dupe for Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector (click for her review). It's certainly a fantastic product, I'd go as far as saying that it's one of my favourite purchases this year. Highlighters are one of my favourite products, but I much prefer liquid/cream forms that powder ones. They just give a much more natural glow.

I'll draw a comparison with a cheaper version of a similar product mybase by Essence. First the price: Essence costs around 3€ for 20ml and Magic Lumi costs 10€ for the same amount. Lumi Magique is much more liquidy and has a golden sheen to it, while Essence feels more thick and is more pink (swatches don't really paint the real picture, Essence is much pinker in real life). On the skin, Lumi Magique gives a touch more shine and that's why I prefer it, also it lasts longer. Both give that amazing ''lit from within'' glow that I absolutely adore. The packaging of Lumi Magique is a lot better, more sleek and sturdy. Also the pump is great because unlike with the Essence, you don't waste any product as it's really easy to get just a tiny drop of product. I use it on the top of my cheekbones, cheeks and sometimes I put a bit on the cupid's bow. You can also use both products as a base underneath the foundation or mix it with foundation.

Even though it's a lot more expensive than mybase by Essence I'd go for L'Oreal.  When I run out of Lumi Magique  I'll definitely repurchase. I've been wearing it every day for the past three weeks and I even got some compliments how great my skin looks. Highly recommended.

^These are my three favourite products right now. I've already written the review for Skin79 BB cream, I think mine's on it's last legs. When it runs out I'll get either the gold version or maybe I'll try the Missha M Signature one (I just want to try out some more of these Asian BB creams). Lumi Magique goes on my cheeks together with either Peach Dream Touch blush by Maybelline or Coralista
The last thing is a great concealer I recently found in Zagreb (yes, I've been cheating on my trusted Essence concealer and I'm not even sorry). It's Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye by Maybelline in Light (the second lightest shade, Fair is lighter). It has some peachy undertones, which are great for brightening under the eye. It even covers spots (as long as it's not a massive red one). The sponge is actually useful and applies and blends the product well. Another highly recommended product. I haven't seen it in Slovenian drugstores yet. What's the deal with that Maybelline?
The combination of these three products and some blush (Maybelline's Peach is my favourite for the moment) just make my skin look great plus even got me some compliments, which is always great. 

Thanks for reading!

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