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I've already gone through a pot of Pivoine Sublime Perfecting cream, which had a perfect texture and one of the best scent I've ever encountered, but unfortunately, long-term it just didn't work that well with my skin. Despite that, when L'Occitane expanded their Peony range with a micellar water and perfecting scrub, I was intrigued by both, especially after reading good reviews about it. But now that I've had this scrub for quite some time I'm still having problems including it into my routine because it's rather a strange mix of products.

Texture: the name doesn't imply it, but it's an oily cleansing scrub. Is similar to Clarins' Pure Melt Cleansing Gel except it has exfoliating beads in it. It starts as a gel and once you rub it on the skin, it turns into an oil. With water it emulsifies just like most cleansing oils, but the beads are regular and don't melt. It's neither a strong nor a weak scrub, but I prefer my scrubs to be strong, so already it's not ideal for me. I wish it had more beads, but for most it will be fine. I use a cloth to wipe it off, though it doesn't leave that much of a filter if you just rinse it off.

Effectiveness: It's all documented on the pictures, but it removes the foundation and most of the makeup, however, mascara and very pigmented matte liquid lipsticks are already a challenge. This isn't the best makeup remover or a cleanser on its own, so you'll need to do a double cleanse. It doesn't make the vision foggy despite being oil-based.

Scent: I so wanted this to have the same scent as the moisturiser, which smells amazing  like a sweet floral scent (it's not like real peonies, it's better). Unfortunately the scent is weak and nothing special.

Packaging: is a nice soft tube that easy to squeeze and has a fancy metal cap.

Price and availability: It's sold in L'Occitane for 25.40 €.

This is a strange mix of products for me and in neither category is it very good. As a scrub and as a makeup remover it's too weak, also because of the beads you can't use it on the eyes. I'll say it's nice if you plan to use it as an occasional more luxurious feeling weak scrub, but as a stand-alone cleanser it lacks power to remove makeup despite being oil based, so I use it as a second cleanser when I decide to pick it up. The scent was a disappointment to me, but at least those who aren't fans of very fragranced skincare will like it more. I'll use it up, but not repurchase. 
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