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This is my second cleansing oil from L'Occitane. The first one was the Immortele version, which was my favourite such oil, not just because of its makeup removing capabilities (including waterproof mascara), but also because it's the only oil so far that hasn't caused me problems in terms of unclear skin. But in all those months I could not bring myself to liking the scent. It's not like it's terrible, but I still noticed it and it's not the best L'Occitane fragrance. I picked up this Shea version as a replacement, which it's also a bit cheaper, so that's another plus. 

It's a light oil, just like all I tried before (L'Oreal, TBS, Immortelle), but somehow more comfortable, like it's softer. It's difficult to describe, but I really like this sensation. You are supposed to apply it on dry skin, massage it well, so it breaks up all the makeup, then add water so it can emulsify and rinse or wipe it off with a cloth. It does the same job of removing waterproof mascara and other makeup as the rest, but compared to Immortele the scent is much nicer. It's their typical Shea Butter scent which is a classic creamy clean scent.

It removes most of the makeup easily, but some mascara might still linger on the lashes giving you those seductive morning panda eyes if you're not thorough enough when wiping all the product off. This really shouldn't just be just rinsed off, but preferably wiped off with a wash cloth. It leaves the skin nourished, though my cheeks still need some moisturiser in the colder months. In terms of long term effect, this hasn't "protected" me against potential breakouts, a fact that had become painfully true whilst trialling a new, yet not released moisturiser, so I can't say that I love it as much as the Immortelle version. The latter just works so well for my skin, though this Shea's one also doesn't cause me problems, it just doesn't manage to keep the skin up to check. 

For my test I used all of my most pigmented and long-lasting product or product I know are difficult to get off when swatching. I used Essence Mousse concealer (in a thick coat), Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Lipstick (stains like crazy), Milani Amore Lip Creme in Gorgeous, Stila All Day Waterproof Eyeliner and Kiko's Stick eyeshadow in 06 Golden Bronze. This oil removed everything, even the Stila's Eyeliner, which looked like it won't break down, only a little bit of Sugar Plum Fairy remained on the skin.  

The packaging is similar to Immortelle and The Body Shops' version - a plastic bottle with a very handy pump. Unlike the backstabbing The Body Shop's it never leaks, so it's appropriate for travel.

Main ingredient is sunflower oil and actually Balea's one also has this ingredients first on the INCI, so it might be worth a try if you're looking for something cheap. I know I'll try that one next.

It costs 19.30 € in L'Occitane, which is a splurge, especially if you're one of those who really cares about expiration dates as this is supposed to be used up in 3 months. I find it impossible to do that as you don't get to use much at one use. I love the texture of this oil and the scent, however, Immortelle remains as my favourite. As I said I'll try Balea's one next, since I heard so many good things about it, but if I don't like it, I'm buying Immortelle again.  

Have a great day!
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