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I am in no need of extra texture or volume, actually it's exactly the opposite and I'm striving to make my hair look as sleek as possible by eliminating the perpetually annoying frizz and still keeping that bit of natural volume I have. But these texturising sprays exploded in the blogging world and normally I would disregard this trend even though I'm a hair junkie, but to my surprise I found the newest addition to L'Oreal's Studio Line called #TXT Excess Volume Texturizing Spray in Müller and curiosity got the best of me. I've read here that it's a drugstore version (won't say dupe) of a much more hyped Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish and if we're already talking about (overhyped) texturing spray, the obvious one comes to mind - the shockingly expensive Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. So how did the L'Oreal's version and I get along? Very badly, I'm afraid.

Texture: This feels different than I expected which was something that might be like a dry shampoo and volumising powder in one, but one that perhaps has some actual hold unlike got2b Volumania Volume Refreshing Styling Powder which literary feels like a can of nice smelling air. However, what you actually get here is a sticky hairspray-ish type of product with a very light hold. It even feels wet when you spray it a bit too liberally and it can make your hair sticky after use. 

Effect: It says you should divide dry hair in four sections an spray each one or just turn your head upside down and spray the hair, then create volume with your hands.  Sounds simple enough. And then the problems start. This feels like nothing on the hair - there is no hold and no "texture" as people call it. It doesn't even hold the natural volume I have after washing my hair. Similarly to got2b Styling Powder, this feels like an empty can of air, or so it feels on the first use except that it leaves your hands sticky. Of course I tried to actually achieve something by spraying more and suddenly my hair started to feel unbearably dirty and even a bit sticky. Don't even think about using this on dirty hair (like a few days after washing) because it will make it feel even worse. This is not in way similar to a dry shampoo and it doesn't absorb oils. So there are only two options at this spray: either it does nothing and feels like there is nothing in your hair, or if you use too much, it will make your hair feel dirty.  
Some of you may be thinking: Ok, but you have long, thick, wavy, dry, coarse hair and mine is completely different. True. So I have tried it on a girl with very thin, poker straight hair that gets greasy fast and it was just as rubbish. Any dry shampoo does the job a lot better, but that's just my humble opinion. 

Scent: The scent of it is strong, kind of a classical hairspray one and similar to Elnett hairsprays.

Price and availability: I paid 6.29€ in Müller.

I don't even know why I bought it. I have enough texture in my hair even when it's freshly washed. And sure, I can make volume on my hair by messing it up even without any products, but in what universe is that pretty? My definition of volume is sleek, wavy/curly hair with body and not (super) messy hairdos so many seem to be fond of and calling it "bed head" (no offence meant to anybody. Style your hair the way you want it). It's a failed purchase for me and I wish I could return it because I know it will be gathering dust in my cupboard for ages. I'm sticking to dry shampoos.

Have you tried it yet? Have a great day!
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