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If you've seen one of my New in posts, where this liner first appeared on my blog, you might have been clued in that this won't a terribly positive review. This is without a doubt the worst liner I've ever tried and it makes me madder than it should, mostly because I paid 10 € for a liner with which I could never do anything more than a grey, smudged out line. Such felt tip liners, though they aren't rare in our drugstores, the ones we have here mostly have very oddly shaped nibs that don't look precise enough, so I quickly dismiss them, however, this one seemed very promising. I have a couple of my favourite felt tip liners, Kardashian Beauty's Deeply Felt and L'Oreal's Super Liner Perfect Slim, which I can only get online as for some reason L'Oreal only sells the So Couture version in our drugstores. 

The very first use should have been a clue already, but I just assumed that some ill-mannered person had placed a used liner at the back of the line and forgot to close it well. I always take the product that is either at the back or somewhere in the middle, since some people have a hard time grasping what testers are for, though I do understand them in a way, as testers can be quite disgusting sometimes, but in this case there was no tester to begin with. When I came home to use it, it was completely dry. I tried shaking it and stored it downwards for a couple of hours, but it didn't help much. There was steam coming from my ears, I was that mad. I went back to replace it and they replaced it with no problems, but placed the one I returned back on the stand (*awkward cricket sound*). This one seemed to work on the back of my hand, though admittedly the formula wasn't nearly as black or pigmented as Super Slim's. But when I went to do my liner, it ran dry before I even had a chance to finish it. I tried shaking it and it helped at bit, but it was soon dry again. I must shake it constantly to get the nib saturated with product and sometimes it's so dry I can't do anything. It's just a nightmare to work with. Seriously, all my old liners are blacker and more fluid that this as you'll see in the picture. I got Kardashian's liner last year in September, L'Oreal's in August, Manhattan's in July and only Essence's is new. There is no picture of L'Oreal's on the eyes as I couldn't even do a decent line.

The nib is the smallest out of the liners I've tried, which I expected to really like, but it's not as easy to draw an even line as with for example Perfect Slim. But it is handy if you want to create very small, intricate designs, at least it would be if it were pigmented enough. I still like Kardashian's Beauty's nib best.

Is it possible I had bad luck twice with this liner and got both that were already almost dry? Perhaps. But I'm not willing to give it any other chance. Based on my experience with the Perfect Slim, I expected the same pigmented, excellent formula, but what I got was a whole lot of bother. At 9.99 € per liner, even if I did buy it with a discount, this was a major disappointment. If only I knew I would be wasting 10 € on something so useless, I would just taken a much cheaper Essence liner or order online instead. I recently bought one from Essence and it performs a million times better for one third of the price. But I'll be sticking to Perfect Slim or Deeply Felt in the future.

Have a great day!
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