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These matte lip creams have been on my list to try ever since Sara posted her review of liquid lipsticks she had at a time. She sang praises about these, however I've heard a lot of conflicting reviews, which led me to believe these are a love it or hate it product, though I heard that it's the lightest shades that are potentially problematic. My lips are almost never dry, so I knew these will work fine for me and I risked it by picking one of the lightest shades called Dreamy, which I think is one of the most popular colours, even though I heard the darker shades perform better.

Texture: The formula is a creamier version of Sleek's at application, it actually feels comfortable to me to apply it, but starts drying fast, so it's matte in under two minutes. Similarly to Sleek's it forms a layer of product on the lips, making it one of those lip products that you can constantly feel on the lips. This layer might represent a problem to those with lips that are prone to dryness. It's also sticky one the lips, which honestly didn't bother me that much because I barely felt it, but if you press your lips tightly together, it feels sticky and crumbles. However, that tightness and layer-feeling starts after about 10 minutes, but strangely, it then gets more comfortable for me and I wear it without any problems the entire day.

Colour: Dreamy is a nude peachy-beige-mauve muted shade. It's similar to both Sleek's Birthday Suit (which is a bit more mauve) and TheBalm's Committed (more pink). It's one of the lightest shades and thankfully doesn't have a white base like a few of their other shades.

Staying Power: This lasted at least 8 hours on me, including the meals. It disappeared only in the corners of my lips and I got one or two dry patches, but since it's a light shade, despite the wear it looked very presentable. The stickiness doesn't bother me, as I said, but it is still there at the end of the day. I reminds me of that Me Now matte lip colour that I find decent, but I know some just threw it away after first try. Again I hear darker shades are better.

Scent: It's got no specific scent, just something plastic like and it's not strong. I don't notice it.

Packaging: This comes in a classic tube with a doe foot applicator. The applicator is long and thin, it's not my favourite, but a better version than Sleek's.

Price and availability: Mine is from Click2Chic, where it costs 5.51 €.

Have a great day!
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