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This is quite a new product by La Roche-Posay and there is another moisturiser in the Nutritic line in pot form, which has a thicker, more balm like texture. Nutritic moisturisers boast with a new generation of lipids, called MP-Lipids and are designed to comfort dry and sensitive skin. I love pharmacy moisturisers and this another nice one, however I have discovered it's clogging my pores. 

The texture is a medium thick cream that I find it similar to Nivea Soft cream and it applies like a dream. It feels lighter on the skin than I expected from a moisturiser for dry skin, but it also feels very moisturising. Though it sinks into the skin fast, it leaves some sort of a film on the skin. I had nasty patches appearing on my nose and cheek because I used a harsh cleanser and this completely healed them overnight. It really helps keeping my foundation from flaking throughout the day. Even though it's a nice base for make up, I'm not liking the tacky feeling it leaves (my pet peeve), which never really disappears during the day, however, I doubt many people would mind it. I prefer Eucerin's Aquaporin light because it just vanishes into the skin within minutes, yet leaves my skin perfectly moisturised and prepped for foundation.

The scent is quite strong and very pleasant. I can't describe it, but I wouldn't call it a typical pharmacy cream scent (I latter found a product with an almost identical scent which claims to smell like jasmine, but it's not that strongly floral). People sensitive to fragrance might find it too strong. I had zero irritations, but my skin isn't sensitive at all and can handle just about anything. The spots put a damper on my experience with this cream and they also appeared on my neck and cleavage.  

This is a lovely moisturiser for dry skin and were it not for the spots, I would repurchase it, because I have a feeling it would be the perfect moisturiser for winter when I get the most dry patches. I got it in a local pharmacy for 16€. I might try their other moisturisers, but for now I'll repurchase Eucerin Aquaporin light.

edit (24.02.2014): I gave this to my mom and she absolutely loves it. She's not the one to pay a lot for a moisturiser (I'm fairly certain 5€ was her limit before finding this) and now she's already repurchased it two times in a row. This doesn't clog her pores as it does to me and she says it's the best moisturiser she ever used and it's totally worth the money.

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