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There is a new kid on the Labello's Fruity Shine block. Peach version joined the family which already includes Strawberry, Cherry and in some countries also Guava, while Dragon fruit and Pomegranate mysteriously disappeared. I did make an unidentified high pitch sound when I first saw it, since I absolutely love peach scented products.
For those who are confused about the name Labello, it's just how Nivea's lip balms are called in this part of the world. To the best of my knowledge this version doesn't exist under the Nivea name.

The peach version has a hint of colour on the lips just as the rest of the Fruity Shine lip balms. This one is, obviously, a peach shade but with tiny gold shimmer, except that the shimmer doesn't show on the lips. The colour pay-off is minimal, but still noticeable, especially if you go to town with it. The finish is shiny.

The scent is divine! Just like peach yoghurt and very similar to The Body Shop Vineyard Peach body butter that I love so much, only sweeter and not as fresh. 
Formula-wise, despite the fact that they are loved by so many, Labello were never my favourites. I find them not moisturising enough, too light and they wear off so fast. Yet they are cheap and there are some fun colours in the fruity shine line, so I do tend to get one once in a while.
Labello Fruity Shine in Peach is widely available in drugstores as well as supermarkets. I got mine in DM for 1.85€. If you love peach scented products, give it a go.

Have a great day!
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