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I got this as a very generous gift back in December (thank you!) after it was pinned on my Pinterest wishlist for over a year. Lancôme Rouge in Love lipsticks were launched a couple of years ago and there are 31 shades available. Rose Boudoir is in the Boudoir Time or B group, which are cocktail shades.

340B Rose Boudoir is vivid pinky-coral with a creamy finish that is very, very similar to Bourjois' Fraise Remix and a colour that is more suited for spring/summer time. It's not just the colour that is similar, but also the formula. I've often said that Bourjois' Rouge Edition lipstick are the best formula I've tried and Lancôme Rouge in Love feels almost spot on. It's another pigmented, lightweight formula, but Lancôme's feels just a touch creamier. I need one, maybe two swipes for full intensity, however, I also like to blot it and wear it as a sort of a stain. Like that it gives that lovely flush of colour that really brightens up the face (wearing it like that here). It doesn't dry out my lips, nor does it settle in lines. It is slightly rose scented, but it's barely noticeable.

There are no outrageous claims on this lipstick, but a rather down to earth promise of a 6 hour wear. I'd say it lasts about as much, but of course, if you eat or drink in the mean time you might want to refresh the colour, though it fades evenly without leaving a ring of colour, so it's completely up to your own preference of whether you like that half-worn off or the full intensity look.

The tube is heavy, metallic and daintily chic. It's smaller than most lipsticks, though it still holds 3.4g of lipstick which as much as the Bourjois one and 0.4g more than a MAC lipstick.

As far as dupes go, I'm always very conservative with that word, but Fraise Remix and Rose Boudoir are incredibly close. Fraise Remix is pinker, however, I tried them side by side on the lips and I don't notice much of a difference. Pink About it, on the other hand, is less pigmented and matte. (The lipstick on the right in the second picture is Maybelline's Shocking Coral, which is much pinker.)

I don't know the exact price because it was a gift, but I believe it was about 28€ in Müller (I'm guessing). It's 27.30€ on Feel Unique.

If you ever wanted to treat yourself with a good lipstick, these are incredible, however, the drugstore range offers another gem formula, Bourjois' Rouge Edition that feels almost exactly the same for about a third of the price, it's just the colour range that is different. 

Have a great day!
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