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I've made some Lush purchases earlier this month. I bought Vanilla Puff Powder, Dragon's Egg bath bomb and Mange Too massage bar.

I watched some videos and read some reviews of the Dragon's egg bath bomb and I decided to treat myself just for once. I find these bath bomb way too expensive, since you get only one use out of them. Plus I find they all smell so similar to me and the scent isn't even that strong (at least of those I had). Sadly my Dragon's Egg broke when it was still in the bag. As you can see it has an inner core that's a pale orange colour. It's the most beautiful bath bomb I've ever tried. Inside that orange core is golden glitter and the effect it makes is so pretty. The bath water turns orange with lots of gold shimmer. I'm sorry that I didn't get a picture, but there's lots of great reviews and videos online anyway. There are some odd kind of slimy round particles inside, I really don't get the purpose of those. As I already said, all the scents of Lush bath bombs are the same of very similar to me. Dragon's Eggs has a slightly more citrusy scent, though nothing special. It's really expensive at 6,5 € for one bath, but I really like the glitter. For treating yourself once in a while or just as a gift to someone it's a pretty nice bath bomb (definitely my favourite so far) .

Mange Too massage bar is being discontinued (I think it will be replaced by Friends with Benefits). To me it smells similar to Soft Coeur, like chocolate, but with some peppermint. It's quite a big bar, so I hope it will last me a while. 

Now that I'm living in two places again, I really didn't want to carry the Silky Underwear powder from one place to another. I got the Vanilla Puff Powder, since I use these powders almost every day. Vanilla Puff has a much stronger scent than Silky Underwear. It's a very different vanilla scent than most are use to. If you had any other product from their Vanilla line, you'll know the scent. I like the scent a lot (I use to absolutely love it, last year when I had the massage bar), but be careful with it. It is one of those scents you get a tired of quickly. 

And now a mini product rave. I never liked Syoss products. I had a conditioner once and it was so disappointingly bad that I stayed away from Syoss products for a long time. I wanted to get a dry shampoo and there aren't many of them available on the market here in Slovenia (but things are starting to look better). There are two versions available, one is green for greasy hair and mine is blue for volume. It's fantastic! It gives a lot of volume and it makes your hair feel super fresh. I was worried it might leave white residue powder, but it doesn't. It's completely clear. I just lift the top part of the hair and spray in short burst about 20 cm away. You are supposed to brush it out, but I find you don't really need to do that. The scent is super fresh (in a sort of powdery way) and it lasts. The spray can is really nice and sleek, I love the black and blue combo. The only little issue I have is with the nozzle. Sometimes it starts to leak gas, so you have to either spray again or pull the top a bit so it stops. But all in all I'd give it an A. Highly recommended. 

I got one of the three winter edition hand creams by Essence. I choose the Strawberry Cream Cupcake version. It smells like strawberry candy, although it's not the best strawberry scent out there, but it's still nice. I love the texture though. It's relatively thick but it sinks in so fast, like in a couple of seconds. I like it a lot.

And now for my lemming. I looove the new Forbidden Euphoria. Initially on me it smells like pineapple, but  then it develops into a more floral scent closer to the original Euphoria. I absolutely adore it. I'm so getting a bottle.
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