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A couple of days ago I received a Liebster Blog Award from the lovely Serbian blogger hermetic from Hermetic's polish blog. She has great nail polish swatches (Recently she did a comparison of coral shades and I think I'm getting What do you think? from Essence. It looks gorgeous.), so check her blog out.
Edit: I later received the same award from Maja (ÄŒudoviti Svet Kozmetike). She has a lovely blog, so  check it out.

The Liebster Blog Award is designed for bloggers with less than 300 followers. When you receive this award, you have to link back to the blogger who gave it to you and you have to nominate three other blogs.

Now I don't follow a lot of blogs and most already have over 300 followers, but here is my selection of the three:

.Sparkle* - A fellow Slovenian blogger, whose post range from outfits, make up, nail polishes to FOTD's. I'm in love with this Zara dress she bought (I love dresses. I have loads of them myself, but I rarely wear them).

Taya - Another fellow Slovenian blogger. She mostly posts nail polish swatches. She does such creative and cute manicures.

Makeup&More - I love, love, love this blog. A Serbian blogger with great make up and nail polish swatches, reviews,... One of my favourite blogs, check it out! 
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