Tips Looking Back on 2017

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With the end of the year just around the corner, I again dedicated the very last post of the year to a quick summary. I'm sharing top six most read posts, then six posts of my choice that I worked extra hard on and feel most proud of, and in the last part I share posts from other bloggers I most enjoyed or I feel they should be shared.

This was my seventh year of blogging and it's the year that I noticed a big decline in interest in blogs. It's not just my readership that plummeted, I also recently realised that about 2/3 of blogs I'm subscribed to haven't been updated in a long time. Sad, but that's the reality of blogging now. People read less and less of them. However, a lot of the beauty content moved to social media, especially Instagram Stories and it's where I get a lot more engagement than here.  

I wrote in my last such post that I plan to buy a m.Zuiko 45 mm lens for my camera and I never properly updated you, but I got it and it's the best investment I made. Most of the pictures you see on my blog and Instagram since May are taken with that lens. 

Images are links to the posts.



I wish you all the best in the next year and thank you for every comment, subscription, save on Bloglovin', pin on Pinterest, like on Facebook, Instagram and just for reading my posts. I rarely mention it, but you can follow my work also on Facebook pages of Subrina, Green Line and Fatalka.

Have a great end of the year!
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