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I believe this is L.O.V.s first attempt at a cream blush in a stick form and it exists in only two shades, both are classic "starting out" colours for a brand. I have the pink 010, while 020 Alluring Peach is a peach shade which my fellow blogger Simona from Beauty of a Lemon reviewed and swatched here.

Texture: It's a semi-sheer formula that's more on a "creamy-greasy" side instead of that cream-to-powder silicone one that's more common in such blushes released in the past years. One swipe leaves you with a lot of colour, which you are supposed to blend with the brush on the other side, however, the latter is completely wrong for this type of formula as it just removes/shifts the product to another place without blending, so I much prefer blending and tapping this in with fingers. One swipe gives you a very gentle flush of colour (on my super pale skin), so it's best you build it up and slowly by concentrating the colour on the apples of the cheeks and blending it outwards. This gives a very natural looking finish because the formula is one of those that's like a tint and it kind of melts into the skin. It's not dewy as the name might suggests, so don't worry about any greasiness at this.

Shade: My shade is 010 Daring Pink which is a bright bubble gum pink that creates that classic baby doll effect. It's a warm version of the shade.

Staying power: Depends a lot of the base, but on its own it's not impressing as it's gone is a few hours. With a good long-lasting base and some powder on top it can last much longer. Also the more layers you apply, the longer it'll last.

Packaging: It's in a stick form with a winding up mechanism that works fine. There is a mini brush on the other side that's covered with a plastic cap. It's like a mini side cut kabuki and far more suited for thicker formulas or even foundations/concealers, while for this creamy sheer blush it's just too dense and it removes all of it from the cheeks. Some sort of a sponge would be a lot better.

Price and availability: It's sold in Müller for 10.99 €.

For a cream blush this is quite a likeable formula. It's semi-sheer and needs to be build up, but that's what creates that lovely skin-like finish. If you're looking for something that'll create that no-makeup makeup look, this is just the thing. Staying power isn't the best, but cream blushes are rarely exceptional in that category and some powder on top helps it last longer. Due to the light formula, it's a great cream blush that you can use as a base under a powder blush to extend the staying power of both. The only real miss at this is the brush which just isn't suited for this formula.

Have a great day!

*PR product.
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