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LIPaffrair are L.O.V. Cosmetic's standard line of lipsticks with a classic creamy finish, but this shade is one of the four new nude shades that were added to the range for spring/summer 2018. It's my first L.O.V. lipstick that I tried, but I've owned plenty of Catrice and Essence lipsticks which are their sister brands, and I can definitely say L.O.V. takes quality to a new level. 

Texture: The lipstick is very pigmented, smooth and lightweight, so it's one of those new-age type of formulas that started appearing after Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Volupte were launched. It's actually quite a similar formula to that one with its thin, pigmented and slippery texture. Despite being creamy, it's not a moisturising type of lipstick which those with dry lips might not like, but it still feels like a high quality formula.  

Colour: 612 Angelina's Belief is a medium warm rosy brown and it's the warmest such shade I own, leaning closer to a dirty peach than my other similar shades. I think it'll work best as a nude shade on someone with a warm medium skin tone (NC30-40).

Staying power: I mentioned before it's a formula that reminds me a lot of YSL Rouge Volupte and it lasts similarly too. I averaged four-five hours on the lips, but it's one of those lipsticks that fades evenly.  

Packaging: This has a well-made tube. It's metal with a magnetic closing system and it feels like a weighty lipstick, so something you'd see at high-end products. 

Price and availability: It's sold in Müller for 9.99 €.

Formula of this feels close to high-end as does the packaging, so you're getting some real quality here. Pigmentation is excellent and it just glides on the lips, plus the formula feels very lightweight on the lips, but it's not a particularly moisturising formula despite the creamy finish. The shade isn't my favourite for my colouring, but for warm medium skin tones it'd be lovely.

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