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This is the first mascara from L.O.V. that I had a chance to try and one of the products that were added to their range in autumn. I did not get along with this mascara in the first months because it's the messiest, wettest and most gloopy mascara I've tried in a long time, so I kept waiting for it to dry a bit and become more manageable. I kept giving it chances every week or so, but there were no signs of it thickening for a very long time. It's three or four months now and it's still quite wet, but much easier to work with and it gives an insane amount of volume.

This has a a standard brush with short bristles, so a type that is for depositing a lot of product on the lashes and not for combing or definition. It's a good idea to use an old mascara wand after application for combing the lashes.

Performance after a week or two of use. You can see on the right how heavy the application can look and I didn't apply more than two coats.

After three or four months since the mascara was opened. All the volume is still here, but it's not as messy any more.

Like I said before the formula of this is very wet and very messy, so when it was new it created quite a mess of my lashes and around my eyes as it transferred everywhere. The formula was also heavy which meant my lashes just dropped with this and the volume I was able to achieve, wasn't even that visible. Fast forward to today, it's much less messy, so I can apply it without making a massive mess and it's also more defining, but nothing like proper defining mascaras. The greatest feature of this is the amount of volume it creates. This just beefs up the lashes so much and creates a very intense lashy look. If you're a fan of a lot of volume, you'll be enjoying this one. However, do no cry with this mascara or rub your eyes or do anything around your lashes because you'll have the worst raccoon eyes ever. One day I looked so terrible with this, I vowed myself never to wear this if I suspect I'll be in a situation when any water or eye rubbing might be involved. It's also a mascara that needs some extra effort when it comes to removal, not because it's a particularly long-lasting mascara, but because there is so much of it on the lashes. It's also a mascara that needs a lot of time to dry, so do not sneeze with this in the next half an hour after application (did that mistake just once).

Mascara costs 10.99 € in Müller.

If you're looking for volume this is a top performer, but be ready for the fact it's messy and wet, also be prepared to leave in alone for a while because this is not a mascara you'd open and it'll work perfectly. It's too messy for me to wear it daily with confidence and I prefer Essence mascaras which are also quite volumusing, but some might like such a mascara that you can build up quickly and since it doesn't dry fast on the lashes, you can keep on building it up if you wish. I recently got the newest Catrice Lashes to Kill Pro mascara which reminds me a lot of this one when it was new and they have very similar results.

Have a great day!

*PR product.
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