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Without shame I'll admit I wanted to try these because of the pretty packaging. It's very Marc Jacobs like, but regardless of the possible copying, you have to admit it's a refreshing sight among the mostly boring bottles in the drugstores. I actually love most of the shades in the range (Karin swatched most of them here), which granted isn't the most ground-breaking, but I see L.O.V. as a brand that focused on a bit more high-end looking basic products, while Essence is its fun sister that you turn to when you want to experiment. I picked a typical "me" colour called 210 Alluring Amethyst and if they had a mint one, I'd grab that one as well, but I'll definitely get some more autumnal colours, since they have a lovely grey shade too.

210 Alluring Amethyst is a deep red-purple shade, making it in the same colour family as Essie's Bahama Mama, however, it's actually more like Max Factor's 155 Burgundy Crush as it closer to burgundy, but it's a shade that tends to look either burgundy or purple depending on the light. On my nails it's a shade darker and more red on the nails than what I see in the bottle.

The formula is a standard one, so like a classic nail polish in a red shade, which all tend to be good. First coat can end up sheer on some parts, which is only visible under harsher lights, while two give you a good amount of coverage. The brush is the most perfect one I've ever found for my nails and one of the rare ones at which I don't mess up my cuticles. The brush is actually separated from the main round cap, just like Chanel's. A great majority of nail polishes last very long on my nails, but even I notice that this one is better than some others. I'm currently still not using top coats and bases, but even though I vigorously washed my hair, scratched away dirt, even the tips had only minimal wear. I imagine with a top coat it'll be amazing. It dries pretty quickly too even without a top coat.

I got mine Műller for 5.99 €, which is expensive for a nail polish and I do mind the price, but they are too good to pass up.

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