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I still consider L.O.V nail polishes some of the best in the drugstores and they are my favourite, though I probably should emphasise that just about every nail polish lasts forever on my nails, so staying power isn't that important to me (though I think these outlast some other brands on me, but I can't say it'll be the same for those who have issues with their nail polish chipping fast). I love these because their formula is so nice to apply, so I in general have a lot less issues with these than with others and I love the shape of the brush because it fits my nails so well. I have several shades from their regular line called LOVinity and their gel top coat, which is also pretty good, but this shade was released last year and it's a part of their nude line of polishes that also provide some extra care. 

640 Soft Sensuality is a milky nude shade that has a subtle warm undertone, though I could almost call it a neutral. It's the best shade I have for the no-nail polish look when I apply it in two coats (it's three on my swatches). It creates a natural, but perfected look and the tips are still visible. I tend to apply three coats because I'm still more used to the full coverage finish, but it looks nice with two (with three coats I get 80% of coverage). Formula is thick, though not like some obnoxious pastels (looking at you Essie Fiji) and it doesn't look too streaky, though you need to be careful about that. 

I'm not sure, but I think these replaced their old nude line that had a white cap. They replaced them on our stands and unlike the regular line they feature a rose gold cap instead of the black one. All shades are pale and I believe sheer with one coat. They contain calcium, proteins and almond oil which nourish the nail and I have to say that when I took this shade off, my nails didn't have that usual beat up/yellow stained look. I think it might actually be working a bit.

These cost 6.49 € in Müller's here.

 Have a great day!

*PR product, but I planned to buy it myself anyway.
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