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There is a reason I love favourites posts, because I always find great products that lovely bloggers recommend. I her June favourites Evi from Lipstick Wardrobe mentioned Max Factor's Liquid Effect Pencil and how great it is. So I had to check it out and I discovered a dark brown shade that is a great replacement for black eyeliner. It's similar to Avon Supershock eyeliner and works well both on waterline and on the top lash line (once it dries, it doesn't budge). Another eyeliner I got recently is from Essence and it's their gel eyeliner in 02 London baby. It's a great dark taupe shade and is another nice everyday alternative to black. 

Taya from Taya- My Little Beauty World posted swatches of Depend's Holographic nail polishes. Before that post I didn't even know Depend had such a line. I wanted a silver holographic nail polish for so long and I finally got it in a local drugstore for a reasonable price. Yay! I need 3 layers for full coverage. It is one of my favourite nail polishes in my collection. I tried taking pictures of it, it's not the best swatch in the world and it's already a bit chipped (this is the fifth day I'm wearing it, I have Seche Vite on top) but it'll have to do.

I much prefer cream blushes to powder and my recent addition is by Essence from their Ready for Boarding collection shade 02 Beauty on Tour. I tried taking pictures of it, but my camera apparently hates that shade and refuses to take a nice picture of it. You can find nice swatches of it here: click. It's a very pigmented bright pinky coral shade that really brightens up the face and also looks nice on the lips.

Pulse by Beyonce (original review here) has been sitting relatively untouched on my vanity since I bought it, until a couple of weeks ago when I ''rediscovered'' it and started using it almost every day. It's just the perfect combination of sweet orange candy and powdery notes. I'm really loving it right now.

Balea Bademomente Sinnesfroh has been lying forgotten in one of my mini baskets for months, I had no idea what a nice product was hidding somewhere in my room. The product itself is nothing special, just a regular bath salt that turns your water brown (could of been some other colour), but the smell is fantastic. It smells like a hot cup of cocoa, so chocolatey and sweet. I'll definitely get some more if I can still find it, I know it was LE. 
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