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I know this post is super late, but I've seen on the Slovene Lush website that Rocket Me To is 50% off so I'll review it anyway. Now it retails for 7,75 €, originally it was 15 something. You get three bath bombs: Rocketeer (Christmas LE), Space Girl (regular line) and Ickle Baby Bot (regular line). 

The box it comes with is just so cute. Who doesn't like rockets and the whole space theme? I keep mine on a shelf as a decoration. The box has a different colour and type of rocket on each side (three btw).  

Rocketeer was a part of the Christmas line and is described as a candy stick scented bath ballistic. Out of the three this one had the most impressive ''visual effects'', it also melted the slowest. Mostly it turned the water blue, but it had more of a yellow-gold colours shooting from its ''engines''. The scent was as described, very candy like and sweet, but nothing special. 

Ickle Baby Bot is a part of their regular  line. The scent is just divine, it's a genuine lavender scent, which is quite strong. I enjoyed this one the most. It melted the fastest and it turned the water into a light blue colour.

Space Girl is also a part of their regular line. It turns the water into a light lavender shade and it smells very fruity.

I bought Golden Wonder separately and it was also a part of their Christmas line. I had it as decoration in my bedroom and out of the four this one had the strongest scent. The whole time I thought it smells very familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it what it was. Well, it was a fruity scent. It had coloured little balls inside so when it melted you got a whole rainbow of colours. 

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