Tips Mac Face & Body Foundation N1 and Mac Prep + Prime BB Cream Extra Light

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Apart from the lipstick samples, I also ordered two foundation/BB samples from The Body Needs. You get a 3 ml sample of the Face & Body Foundation in a small squeezy bottle for 2.99$ and the BB sample comes in a small plastic pot for 2.79$. There is a big selection of shades, but I don't know if those are all the shades available by Mac.

Mac Face & Body Foundation N1

Texture: This is the runniest foundation I tried and it feels very lightweight. It needs to be shaken before use otherwise it looks a bit separated. 

Coverage: This has a very light coverage. It's like a tinted moisturiser with a sheer to light coverage and it only evens out the skin, but doesn't cover circles, freckles, any prominent redness, blemish marks nor blemishes themselves. It is buildable, however, I find that not much. Layering gives a bit more coverage, yet nothing like a proper light to medium foundation, but still more than the Prep + Prime BB.

Finish: This is the most natural finish out all foundations I tried. It's skin-like and even if looking very closely you can't see you're wearing anything. The finish is the same as your base is, so for example if you used a mattifying lotion it's matte. Due to light texture it blends in seamlessly into the skin. 

Colour: N1 looks too dark and slightly orange for my pale skin, but since the coverage is so sheer it blends in ok giving me an hint of a natural tan effect. 

It's lovely foundation for a those who prefer sheer coverage and the no-makeup makeup look as it is undetectable on the skin. However, the lightest shade in the N range isn't exactly light.

I layered it a lot on the right picture:

Mac Prep + Prime BB Cream Extra Light

Texture: It's very similar to thick moisturisers. Despite the thickness, it's easy to apply but lacks the silicone feeling that most foundations have. It reminds me of home-made tinted moisturisers that I used to mix (one part foundation, one part moisturiser).

Coverage: It's very light, again like a tinted moisturiser. The coverage is similar to the Face & Body in a sense that it evens out the skin, but doesn't cover circles, freckles, any more prominent redness, blemish marks nor the blemishes themselves.

Finish: It's a bit dewy from the beginning, but then it sets to a satin/natural skin-like finish.

Colour: Extra light fits me ok, though it is a bit too warm for my neutral skin, but since the coverage is so light it blends into my skin nicely.

Another very light coverage product, but with a much thicker texture and an SPF 35. The moisturiser type texture makes it nice for dry skin. The colour fits me much better than the Face & Body, however, not as well as other BB's I own. 

Have a great day!
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