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It's been quite a long time since the last time I got Mac lipstick samples from The Body Needs. I have tons of them already, 19 actually at my last count and it's a way for me to have tons of shades, but at a much lower price than buying full-size lipsticks, which are difficult to get anyway for us Slovenes. But also through samples I discovered shades that I absolutely adore and a day will come when I'll get them in a proper lipstick form. 

This time I got five shades: Patisserie, All Fired Up, D for Danger, Rebel and Diva. These are 0.5 g samples and come in a thin tube with a clear base. They aren't the most aesthetic choice, but it doesn't matter to me. TBN sells two types of samples, a cheaper pan version and the more expensive tubes. Their prices have gone up substantially in these years since I've been buying these from 3.79 $ to 4.79 $ per tube (the pans are 3.79 $). I don't know how to feel about it, I'm not terribly pleased that's for sure, but I always wait for a discount and this time I had a generous 40% off. The shipping rates are calculated based on weight - it's usually around 10$ for Slovenia (standard flat rate). I discussed these samples in my previous posts as well. In the first one you'll find swatches of Shy Girl, Coral Bliss, Overtime, Please Me, Impassioned, Ruby Woo, Lady Danger, Russian Red and Red, while in the second one you'll find Peach Blossom, Sunny Seoul, Full Speed, Relentlessly Red and Dangerous.

All Fired up

All Fired up is a warm fuchsia shade that is pinker/less coral as well as darker than Relentlessly Red and lighter, less purple than D is for Danger. I absolutely adore it, it's one of the prettiest shades I own and I definitely want this in a full size. It's a retro matte finish, which means it's a bit thicker than regular matte finish lipsticks. The application isn't as smooth as at for example at Diva, but these have a lovely matte finish and last forever on the lips.  It can get drying after a while, so expect that if your lips tend to be dry without a lip balm for a long time. 

D for Danger

D for Danger is a shade I declared my love for the second I applied it on my lips. It's precisely what I was looking for a very long time and a shade I thought Rebel will be like. It's what I call Tyrian purple, which is a warm purple-pink-red that is my second favourite colour after mint green. It's again a retro matte finish, but creamier than All Fired Up and it applies much easier. Again it can feel drying on the lips after several hours of wear, but I need to share my experience, so you don't just immediately write it off. I wore on a day that included a lot of travelling. I applied it at 8 AM, had lunch and it did not budge at all, it basically survived the entire day, it was almost 7 PM when I came home and it was still in good condition as far as colour intensity was concerned. At about 4 PM it did start to feel tight on the lips, not enough to bother me, but people with dry lips will find it drying (I did not use a lip balm that day or the day before). 


Diva is a deep burgundy red. It's a proper vampy colour and it claims to be matte, but I think it's more of a satin-matte. It feels comfortable on my lips, but it's neither moisturising, neither drying. On the pictures it ends up looking uneven, but only because my camera picks up contrasts too strong, in real life it looks fine. If you're wondering how it compares to L'Oréal's Color Riché Laetitia and Rimmel's Kate Moss Matte Lipstick 107 - it is darker than these two. It's a shade darker than Laetitia as well as more brownish-red (Laetitia has a berry tone to it) and it's about two shades darker than Rimmels 107. It's a shade for the really brave and a gorgeous autumnal colour.


Patisserie is a warm, beige nude that is very similar to my natural lip colour, so it ends up looking a bit boring on me. When you remove it, gold shimmer remains behind, but it's not visible on the lips, which is strange. I see the appeal of it (apparently this is the wedding shade of choice for many brides), but on a pale girl like me, it doesn't really stand out. This is a lip colour that not a lot of people would notice I'm wearing. It's a lustre finish, which means it's a soft, comfortable lipstick with a shiny finish. Staying power is a bit better for a shiny creamy lipstick than at most such product because Mac's version is a bit waxier than the rest, but don't expect it last to all day.


Rebel is super popular, especially every autumn/winter. On most other people it looks more like D for Danger does on me, but I knew this will likely look a bit off against my skin tone. On my lips it's much more purple and it has much less of that magenta tone to it, but my skin tone is known for emphasizing violet tones. It's not bad at all, but not what I was hoping for, at least it's not the type of shade that I would pick up a lot like D for Danger. It has a satin finish, which makes it comfortable for me to wear. I hear dupes include Wet'N Wild Sugar Plum Fairy and Makeup Revolution's Velvet Rebel.

And the recap:

I'm happy with all of these shades. Two, All Fired Up and D for Danger, became an instant favourite. Diva is currently the darkest shade I own and it's perfect for this season. Rebel is a bit purple for me, but I'm sure I can make it work, only Patisserie is a bit boring, but the easiest to wear out of these and it will probably appeal to most. 

I buy these samples on The Body Needs. They also sell pigment and other MAC samples.

Have a great day!
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