Tips Mac & MNY Haul (Eyeshadows & Blush)

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And here's the rest of my haul. 
MNY Blush 101- It's nice and pigmented when I swatched it with my finger, however no matter what brush I use it doesn't pick up any colour. So I just apply it with my fingers, it a lovely very natural looking blush with shimmer. In a way it gives that glow from within (providing you apply it with fingers), it combines a blush with a highlighter, but someone how's not as pale as me will probably use it just as a highlighter.

MNY 125 & 806A eye shadows - 806A is a part of a limited edition collection called I am a Material Girl, it a similar shade as 245 by Artdeco, a dark metallic green/gold. 125 is a part of their standard line and it's a shimmery beige shade. These are very pigmented and soft (but not as soft as the Artdeco ones) and they blend very nice. I tested 806A yesterday. I applied it a 7 AM (with just some foundation underneath) and by noon it only faded a little. When I checked again at 5 PM it has creased a little, but the colour was still intense enough. I have to say I'm impressed, it's really good for a drugstore eyeshadow, especially if I compare it to the Essence ones (they cost about the same).
Mac Mulch is a dark brown with gold shimmer velvet finish. I had tried it yet on my lids but it looks as a perfect colour for a dark brown smoky eye.

L'Oreal Perfect Clean - Doesn't it look like a completely gimmicky product? Buy I decided to give it a go and it's really not that bad. The formula is nice and thick, it removes all the make-up (apart from my black eyeliner) and that rubbery cleaning pad it actually very nice. It doesn't leave my skin tight, but the scent is a bit disappointing, it's just like regular soap.
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