Tips Mac & MNY Haul (Lipstick and Glosses)

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Mac Creme Cup

Créme Cup is a light pink with a neutral-cool undertone. It's a part of their cremesheen line, which makes it one of the creamy formulas, however, Mac lipsticks tend to be thick despite creaminess. It has a signature Mac vanilla scent that is nothing special. I got this one in Graz (Austria), where a Mac lipstick costs a whopping 18€ (that's about 25$) and considering that the US customers pay only 14,5$ (or 10,5€), saying that it's overpriced is an understatement.

Mac Underage

Underage is a soft pale pink with subtle shimmer. As all Mac's lipglasses it's very thick and sticky, but stays on long. 
MNY 365

365 is a coral shade with golden shimmer, but not that pigmented. It has a really lovely sweet candy scent. The formula is quite thick and it's a bit sticky, but it's a surprisingly good gloss for the price (I believe it was about 2€). A great gloss for the price, especially if you compare it to other glosses in the same price range (looking at you Essence). They have a lovely range of shades, from the more demure shades to hot pinks. 

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