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I swear it seems as if Makeup Revolution launches new products almost every week, so I sheepishly admit that these lipsticks eluded me or it's possible I actually saw them, but didn't realize they are new. There are 20 shades of these available in creamy as well as matte finish, and I got a classic red one called Propoganda. Whether the name is misspelled intentionally or by mistake, I wouldn't know.

Colour: Propoganda is a deep, cool toned red with a creamy-glossy finish that looks very glamorous. I wish it were matte instead of creamy, but at least it's very comfortable to wear. A shade called Propoganda Matte also exists.

Texture: The first few swipes were not at all impressive and let me believe this is some cheap semi-opaque lip colour like Essence's All you need is Red, but once the top layer was gone, it revealed an intense colour. It's a soft, moisturising lipstick that feels very comfortable on the lips even when it's wearing off. Due to the softness, it can move around a lot as well as it's very hard to apply it precisely, so I would advise a lip liner with it.

Staying power: The colour is intense which means that the staying power is better than at a creamy shade that is pale, though due to the creaminess, the glossy layer disappears soon and what's left is a very strong stain of colour that begins to fade. Sometimes it fades nicely and sometimes patchy, I haven't figured out why that is the case, but I'm in general I'm not too happy with how it wears.

Scent: It has a very intense fake vanilla scent - you know the one used in cheap room and car air fresheners. It reminds me of my uncle, who hasn't met a car air fresher that he didn't buy. Bless.

Packaging: A copy of a Mac's bullet/tampon tube (tell me I'm not the only one?), but made with cheaper plastic and a rose gold metal middle bit, which looks very chic indeed. The bottom also has a transparent part with the colour of the lipstick, which is very helpful.

Propoganda is a lovely creamy lipstick that many will appreciate as it's so comfortable to wear, however, when I comes to such deep shades, I personally much prefer matte formulas as they lasts longer and there is less danger of smudging. I guess my biggest issue with this lipstick would be how oddly it wears off sometimes - it just doesn't appeal to me. I have seen some gorgeous shades of this lipstick, particularly We Were Lovers caught my attention as Sara says it's a dupe for MAC's Viva Glam Miley lipstick. I'd like to try a matte shade from this range of lipsticks to how those perform.

Makeup Revolution has it's own online shop and these lipsticks cost £2.49.

Pro Iconic ┼íminke lahko dobite na spletni strani Makeup Revolution Slovenija, kjer stanejo 4,95 €.

Have a great day!

*Lipstick was sent to me.
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