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Colour: A frosty fuchsia shade which  looks more muted frosty rose-fuchsia on the lips. I'd be pretty if it weren't for the frost, which didn't look good in any decade.

Texture and pigmentation: It's similar in texture to Essence's lipsticks, so light, creamy and very easy to apply. Two swipes give full coverage. It feels comfortable on the lips and it doesn't dry them out.

Finish: It looks creamy, but leaning to futuristic frosty waters. It's not the worst frost and it could pass for a creamy shine, but the silver reflect does not appeal to me. 

Scent: It smells like crayons to me, but it's not strong.

Staying power: The light creamy texture means that the staying power isn't the best. What's saving it is the intensity of the shade which is the reason that it manages to last longer than a lighter shade with the same texture would, but it fades unevenly, forming a ring of colour when it's wearing off. It doesn't survive eating or drinking.

Packaging: The packaging is very similar to MUA's and Beauty UK's lipsticks, but of a poorer quality. The plastic feels cheaper and the lid doesn't stay firmly shut, so I expect it would fall off all the time inside a bag.

It's an ok lipstick for the price, though the frost is completely unnecessary. It feels comfortable on the lips and the pigmentation is nice, but don't expect great staying power. 

Šminke Makeup Revolution lahko dobite na Ličila. si za 1,95 € in so na voljo v več odtenkih.
Makeup Revolution lipsticks are available in Makeup Revolution shop.

Have a great day!

*The product was sent to me as a gift and no conditions were set.
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