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You may have noticed by the lack of posts about lip gloss that I'm not a fan of them. I'm a (liquid) lipstick  kinda girl, matte finish being my favourite of course. I think gloss is just too much of a hassle, they're sticky (I have long hair) and they wear off soon. But I gave this lip lacquer a go anyway and it's not that bad.

Colour: A neutral red with a high shine finish and no shimmer. This is super, super glossy when freshly applied.

Pigmentation: It's strongly pigmented, so it's like a liquid lipstick and a lip gloss in one. About two coats are needed for almost full opacity on the lips.

Texture: It's a thick formula, though it doesn't feel sticky on the lips (but the hair still sticks to it). The thicker formula with intense pigmentation means longer lasting power than most glosses and it doesn't bleed.

Scent: A lovely vanilla scent that is strong and you can smell it when it's on the lips. Yummy.

Staying power: It's decent for a lip gloss. The intense shine wears off quickly, but the colour remains. It completely wears off in a few hours and it doesn't survive eating or drinking (at least not that well). No lip gloss lasts particularly long and don't expect this one to last intact for hours.

Packaging: My word is it cheap and rubbish! The stopper that wipes off excess product gets stuck in the cap all the time and I have to fix it constantly which leaves quite a mess to deal with. I'm actually afraid of closing it all the way because it pulls the stopper out. It has a standard doe foot applicator which is nothing special, but it works well. This is by far the cheapest packaging of a lip gloss I've ever seen. Too bad since the product itself is nice and it deserves to be in a better packaging. 

Intenzivni lip glossi Salvation Intense Lacquer lahko dobite na Ličila. si za 4,95 € in so na voljo v več odtenkih.
Salvation Intense Lacquers are available in Makeup Revolution store.

Have a great day!

*The product was sent to me as a gift and no conditions were set.
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