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I am not completely convinced by the Makeup Revolution brand. Their liquid blush is really cute, but the rest left me a bit apathetic. This palette did spark more interest in me and I've been enjoying using it every day for the past month, though it was almost exclusively only the neutral part of the palette.

Welcome to the Pleasuredome contains 18 eyeshadows ranging from shimmery to matte finish and from neutrals to bright colours. I've only recently started getting more into more intricate eyeshadow looks and I am very much a neutral girl at heart, so for me the brights in this palette just won't get enough use. I'll discuss the quality and colour of each eyeshadow in detail, but in general it's a nicely pigmented palette, though certain shades perform better than others. Quality-wise they obviously feel of lesser quality than something from MAC or Urban Decay in a sense that they are less smooth and silky, but that doesn't mean that the quality of this palette isn't nice, it's just obviously drugstore. The eyeshadows in the top two rows are shimmery, soft and creamy, but can flake in the pan, while most matte shades in the bottom row are quite hard and dry. I find most of the shades are very easy to build up on the lid and they blend nicely.

I do have an issue with this palette, namely I can't wrap my head around why they decided to include two pairs of eyeshadows, which look so similar once applied on the lids that I can't justify putting both in one palette.  

Welcome to Pleasure Dome - light shimmery gold. A typical highlighting shade and it looks nice in the inner corners.

Xanadu - shimmery beige.  Looks similar on the lids to Sin from the Naked palette only less pink.

Moving On - dark shimmery beige. Just an average all-over the lid shade.

Using my Power - navy-cobalt blue. It has nice pigmentation and blends ok.

You Really Can't Afford Me - forest green. Similar quality to Using my Power

Even When They Reach The Top - aubergine with strong grey tones. It looks very different on the eyes, it is a lot more grey, but with a purple sheen. It's the least pigmented shade in the palette and needs a few layers, but blends well. However, I can't get it to stay intense on the lids as it just fades into light grey.

Where Lovers Roam - medium cool brown. It's very pigmented, so the brush picks up the colour easily and it blends very well. This is a spot on dupe for MAC's Satin Taupe on the lids as you will see at the bottom of the post. It's a lovely shade and my favourite in the palette.

Jungle Call - cool taupe brown-purple. Another very, very similar shade to Satin Taupe, swatched it looks just a bit more purple, but on the lids it looks exactly the same and it just too similar to Where Lovers Roam to have both in the palette. Nonetheless it's another one of my favourites. It's blends nicely and has good pigmentation.

Moving At Million Milles An Hour - warm, red-toned dark brown. It looks much darker in the pan than Where Lover Roam and Jungle Call, but I just can't match the intensity of the colour in the pan on the lids and it's actually lighter that Long Way From Home (second matte shade). It's my third favourite shade and one of those I use most.

Sell It By The Hour - sea foam green. The brush picks it up easily, but needs a few layers to get an intense colour on the lids. I have the same issues as with some other shades as it difficult to keep it intense, even with primer.

Shooting Stars Never Stop - antiqued gold shade. It's a much browner and darker version of MAC's Patina (again pictures at the end). It's very pigmented and blends easily, but the surface of the eyeshadow in the pan flakes.

There Goes A Supernova - another forest green that is not even that different from the one in the top row, it's just a touch lighter and less saturated.

What a Rush Over - matte, yellow-toned skin shade. Pigmentation is not the best and only a dense brush picks it up, however, I still use it as a blending shade, though it could be better.

Long Way From Home - very pigmented matte cool brown. The brush picks up the colour very fast and it needs to be wiped off before application. I have a bit of a problem with blending this shade nicely, nonetheless it's one of the most used shades as I apply it in the outer corner and crease.

Diamond by the Shower - matte cool taupe-grey. It has nice pigmentation, but I have the same issues as at Long Way From Home.

Love Your Body - matte violet taupe. A bit of a problematic shade because it's very difficult to get an even application and it looks too dark for wearing it on its own, but doesn't work well in the crease. I actually love the colour and I think it's very unique, but the quality could be better.

I Can Do it - smoky grey. It's pigmented and easy to pick up with the brush, but once it's blended it doesn't look that dissimilar to Diamond by the Shower.

Never Doing What I am Told - A charcoal black. It's intensely black, very pigmented and pretty much identical to blacks in Sleek palettes. It has fall down.

As I already said Where Lover Roam and Jungle Call are both good dupes for Satin Taupe on the lids. Can you spot any significant difference? I sure can't. 

The packaging is surprisingly good quality for the price, it's not at all flimsy and nothing is loose. The huge mirror is a big plus and the added applicators are fine for me. However, due to the glossy surface, every fingerprint shows.
Regarding staying power, without primer at the end of the day, at certain shades only a small line of eyeshadow is left in the crease and other shades do again crease, but don't completely disappear. I like to wear them with a primer underneath since they perform much better like that.

I didn't plan on posting these two pictures, since I wrongfully assumed that Patina is similar to Shooting Star Never Stop, but it would be a shame to just delete them.

It's a good affordable palette and a nice one if you're on a budget (or even if you're not). I only use the neutral part of the palette and even from those just the two Satin Taupe-like shades, the warm brown one in the second row and the matte brown shade in the third row. On occasions I shake it up a little and use one of the two medium neutral shades in the top row. Aren't I a risk taker? Honestly, I much prefer my Naked palettes and Mac eyeshadows as the quality is just that much better, though this one is rather nice and I really appreciate the Satin Taupe dupes. I miss a matte light brown-taupe crease/blending out shade in the palette, since though A Long Way from Home is just too dark.

I believe this palette is a limited edition, but it's available in Makeup Revolution online shop for 6 £.
Paletka je na voljo na Lič za 8,95 €.

What do you think. Do you like it?
Have a great day!

*I was sent this, but no conditions were set/ Izdelek mi je bil poslan brez postavljenih pogojev.
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