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I've had a lot of favorites this month (the coloured words are links):
  • Escada Taj Sunset - I loooove it! I even prefer it to Marine Groove. It's such a lovely summer fragrance.The most prominent note is mango and it's very sweet. 
  • Orofluido - the scent is gorgeous, a mix of amber and vanilla. It just feels so luxurious. 
  • L'Oreal Million Lashes - I really didn't find it anything special when I tried it for the first time. I guess it's one of those mascaras that just need some time. I love it now, it defines and lengthens and it works great on lower lashes too.
  • Tana eyelash curler - An essential tool. These are the best curlers available here in Slovenia. They don't pinch (unlike Manhattan one's, those are horrible!) and have the best arch.
  • E.l.f. blush in Shy - gorgeous pink shade, it really brightens your face.
  • I've been wearing a lot of either a combination of Viva Gaga and Make up factory 47 or Gosh Darling & MUF 47.
  • Essence Stay with me 02 My favorite milkshake - Great glosses, finally something that doesn't have shimmer and they smell so nice. The colour is gorgeous, a lovely peachy pink.
  • UD Naked palette
  • Essence 53 You Belong to me and Miss Sporty 370 nail polishes. Belong to me is a dupe for Essie's Mint Candy Apple (the latter is just a hint greener) but the application is so much easier.
  • Refan's version of Chanel n.5 - It identical to the original and the staying power is amazing. I got this one for my mum, for my cousin I took Guilty (Gucci, again identical to the original with brilliant staying power) and Givenchy Organza for her friend (I didn't get anything for myself, lol). I put the sticker on myself, the bottles are quite plain actually. The list of all available dupe fragrances can be found here./ Ta mesec sem šla prvič v Refan (na Slovenski ulici) in sem za mami vzela Chanel n.5, za sestrično Guilty (Gucci) in za njeno prijateljico Organza (Givenchy) (zase nisem vzela nič). Vsi so identični originalom in zdržijo neverjetno dolgo, našpricala sem si jih na zapestje ob 11h, zdržali so do dokler se nisem šla stuširat ob polnoči. Vonj se je obdržal na rokavih od jopice, tako da glede obstojnost se bila kompletno šokirana. Za seznam vseh parfumov, ki ji imajo na voljo kliknite tukaj.
50, 30 and 15 ml bottles/stekleničke:

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