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This was pleasant surprise from Max Factor. I've never tried their eyeshadows before, but if they are all anything like these, then I've been missing out. I got this at about the same time as Catrice's Chocolate Nudes, which unlike the rest of their palettes, did not impress me and it's a lot less pigmented compared to this one from Max Factor. The new quads are available in several combinations of shades, but this one is most "me".

These are very soft, pigmented eyeshadows and I actually like to apply them with the sponge applicator that is added to the palette because it picks up and deposits a lot of colour on the lids, plus it's actually easier to use than a brush, since the middle two compartments are very narrow. The only problem with this palette is fall out which is a consequence of the eyeshadows being so soft that they almost remind me of pressed pigments. 

The lightest colour is a champagne gold with intense shimmer. It's the loosest of out the four and has considerable fall down, but I use it in the inner corners for a more awake appearance. The second shade is my absolute favourite, a medium bronzy-brown shade that is similar to colours like Urban Decay's YDK and one of the shades in the Catrice's Nude palette. It's buttery and very pigmented, also it blends nicely. The shade below it is a bit out of place to me. It's a dark grey-navy with a similar texture than the one above, but I can't seem to combine this shade into the look. The last shade is a matte, dark cool toned brown that is perfect for outer corners. The one thing that bothers me at this shade is that a lot of the colour is quickly blended away when doing makeup. 

Also wearing it here.

These last decently well and don't crease a lot on my normal lids, but I can't tell you how they would behave on oily ones.

These palettes aren't the cheapest at 12.99€ for four eyeshadow that are actually quite small, however, these are really good quality. They're not Urban Decay's, but they are very pigmented, blend well and last well enough for powder eyeshadows. They have fall out, though it's mostly the lightest shade that is problematic. I can't really figure out what to do with that navy-grey and I'd prefer something brown instead, but I love the second shade in this palette and wear it often. The packaging is small and very travel friendly, but I can't get over the price for a drugstore eyeshadow quad.

Have a great day!

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