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Max Factor added a new mascara to their family and it's another version of the űber popular False Lash Effect. I had the latter when it first launched and poked myself in the eye with that huge brush so hard that I barely contained myself not to throw it out the window, though I actually liked the effect of it (I then sneakily gave it to my mom). This one has a smaller brush that is easier to handle, but the basic design is the same. Velvet Volume promises a very lightweight formula that doesn't weight down the lashes, no matter how many coats you apply. 

The formula is indeed light and so far it hasn't thickened (1 month since I got it), which is a bit odd, as most mascaras do. The thicker the formula, the more volume you get, so I'd like to see it thicken at least a bit. Despite the fact that the formula is light in it promises not to weight down the lashes, consequently the curl shouldn't drop, with this mascara my lashes drop within seconds. It's actually quite annoying to me because you know how long my lashes are, but if they aren't curled, it literally looks like I have no lashes at all #hoodedeyesproblems. As far as effect goes, it's a very defining mascara that gives a natural effect and only with a ton, and I mean a ton of coats, you get some decent volume going. That's why I find that this mascara should suit those who like a very natural effect. It's the one I'd give to my mom, who does not like big lashes, but just a bit of definition.

The brush is a plastic one with evenly distributed bristles. Because it doesn't bend and the material also appears to be quite hard, I find that when I'm applying it close to the lashes, it feels a bit harsh. I had the same problem with the False Lash Effect, their brushes are just too clumsy and harsh for me. Its strong point is definitely definition as it combs and applies the product on every lash.

Mine is a regular formula and it doesn't flake nor smudge during the day, but I never really had issues with that anyway.

This mascara costs a fairly unreasonable 14.35 €, which is in my opinion just way too much for a drugstore mascara. I'm just not happy with how pretty much painful the application is on my eyes (it could be my eye shape, I don't know) and I'm just not feeling the effect of it, but if you like defined lashes that look very natural, this might be a mascara for you. Plus Karin and Klavdija rate it very high, so don't listen to the grumpy old me.

Have a great day!
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