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Max Factor is really milking their popular False Lash effect range for all it's got. Voluptuous is just the latest in their ever-growing collection of mascaras and it features possibly the largest brush ever, well at least out of those I've seen. The design of the brush is unique to the drugstore market and it's very elaborate, but it works. They managed to create a mascara that gives volume and definition, as well as a mascara with a plastic wand at which you don't have to wait a couple of weeks to thicken and start performing as it should.

Wand: I tried to take the best pictures I could, so I hope you can see the intricate design of the brush. It's a mix of  plastic plates and normal bristles all twisted into a spiral shape and a spiky dome design on the top designed to reach small lashes. It catches every lash, if you happen to miss those in the outer and inner corners, you can use the top dome shaped part for those, just make sure to wipe the wand as a lot of product gathers there. Actually that top dome part is reminiscent of the design on Benefit's they're Real mascara and I'm sure it also took some inspiration from that medieval mace-like wand by Givenchy. The brush itself is massive. If you though False Lash Effect was big, this takes it to another level. I can't imagine that this is a mascara people with short lashes could use, at least not without a fair amount of mess. Like at most such mascaras, the wand and the bristles are quite hard, so they can be harsh when you put them near the base of your lashes, but it's definitely less irritating in that respect than their Velvet Volume version.

Formula: This is a mascara that surprisingly performs well from the start, which is uncommon for a mascara with a plastic wand and it manages to create a nice amount of volume. In fact, I had been told that they thought I'm wearing falsies, but too be fair, I think that was the first time they actually looked at my lashes. I don't think it does anything amazing, I mean it's really good in creating big lashes, but so are so many others that cost less. Unlike most regular formula mascaras, my lashes don't drop as much. In fact at application it does manage to lift them up about half way. My lashes still hit my glasses, which is annoying, but it doesn't look like I have no lashes like at other mascaras. In that respect it's very similar to Physician's Formula Va Va Voom.

So do I like it? Well, it's not that bad. Speaking as a person who wears mainly waterproof formulas to keep my lashes curled all day, I obviously find that feature lacking as at all regular mascaras, though at least it does the job half way. But those are my preferences, for those who aren't as fussy as me, if you like big lashes, this one does live up to its Voluptuous name. I would like this mascara a lot if it was waterproof and I do mind that it's not as comfortable at application. 

Mascara is widely available in drugstores where ever the Max Factor stand is and the only place I've checked the price was in DM, where it costs 14.29 €. 

Have a great day!

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