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 NYX Angel Powder Blush
This is a really, really old blush that I bought back in secondary school and though I used to use it a lot, new blushes took it's place, so it lay forgotten in my drawer. It's a matte, dusty baby pink shade that gives that cute, rosy-blushy look to the cheeks (sorry, I have no swatches of it). The quality is nice, especially for a drugstore matte blush, but I hear this shade was reformulated, so I'm not sure if they sell the same thing any more. I'd like to get more Nyx blushes, they are not as good as Catrice's, but I love the colour range, especially Peach and Apricot attracted my interest.

I should just kick myself repeatedly for not buying it earlier. It's so fluffy and soft, perfect for applying a light veil of finishing powder. It's also a nice size and shape for applying bronzer and more pigmented blushes. Such a lovely brush!

I always loved this shade, but until recently when Boots finally started shipping to my country (yay!), I was super frugal with it. Beehive is light, soft milky pink that is not too pale and looks really good on the lips (and this is coming from someone who dislikes glossy finish). I think this is one of the best nude shades out there with an amazing glossy finish and it goes with everything from a dark smoky eye to a no-make up look. I've said before that Mirror Shine's are my favourite lipstick-lip gloss-lip balm hybrid formula, though the staying power is poor as at all such products. I have the pretty, old teal packaging, but they changed it into a black tube with a mirror.

Spring 2014 LE
This is the perfect peachy nude nail polish, exactly the shade I've always wanted to have and I love it so much that it's all I've been wearing for the past three weeks. It doesn't look like much in the bottle and I wouldn't give it a second look if I hadn't seen swatches online first, but trust me it's pretty.

 SunDance Getöntes Sonnenfluid SPF 30 
Tinted sun protecting fluid
After my enthusiastic review I'll say it again - this is the best sunscreen I've ever tried and I love it. It's super light, not at all sticky or heavy and due to the sheer tint, there is no white cast whatsoever. Amazing product for the price.

This is a brilliant product that helps taming frizz and is a lovely leave-in conditioner which helps my hair stay hydrated longer. It really makes a noticeable difference on rebellious hair and helps tame it, but it's light enough that you don't feel in on the hair. One of my favourite new discoveries lately.

Described as a dry shampoo-volume powder and style extender in one, it's a powder, which smells amazing like peach/cherry blossom and peaches that refreshes the hair, works well as a dry shampoo, gives volume and texture. It's a great product if you want to do a braid or an updo.  

I really like the smell of this version. I'd describe the scent as chocolate-vanilla-musk-woody one in a perfume version, so an oriental type of scent. But otherwise, it's a standard Batiste dry shampoo, which is one of my favourites.

VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray
I haven't done a review for this yet since I'm still in testing phase, but so far I really like it. This is how I imagined a texturising spray would be. It's like a dry shampoo on steroids, meaning it gives a lot of grip and a bit of hold, so imagine it as something as a dry shampoo-light hairspray hybrid. I really like using it just as I washed my hair and curled it, it just makes it look better. I'm not sure about it on the following days yet, but it will all be in my review.

Orofluido Sahara
Whenever my hair gets super dry, I always turn to this and it fixes the problem. It's a light oil in a spray that smells amazing, gives tons of shine and most importantly really moisturises the hair. A little saviour for those with dry hair.

Ok, this isn't exactly my favourite scent in the world, but I did wear it most of the month. It's a mix of fresh bamboo, juicy apple and floral notes (gardenia, freesia) with subtle sweeter notes of coconut and vanilla that get more prominent with time. Actually it's developing much different on me now than a couple of years ago when I first got it. Then I didn't smell any coconut or vanilla at all, but now I do smell very subtle notes of that. I think the bottle is so adorable, through I feel odd when taking the head-lid off because it's like I'm decapitating the poor thing.
Top notes include peach, forbidden apple, gardenia and green bamboo; heart is composed of jasmine, pink freesia, and Bulgarian rose; and the base notes are vanilla, creamy sandalwood, white amber, coconut and musk. 

Have a great day!
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