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Colour Whispers are just another lip products in the long line of the lipstick-gloss-balm hybrids that have stormed the make up world ever since Chanel launched their Rouge Coco Shines. Personally, I am not a particular fan of these and I gravitate towards more saturated, pigmented and matte textures. However, I do own a few, namely the infamous Revlon's Lip Butters and L'Oreal's Rouge Caresse. I didn't plan to get the Maybelline's version, but ended up buying Coral Ambition because of the shade. It is rare to find a nice light, warm, peachy shade that doesn't look orange on my pale complexion. I am currently in the wearing bright shades stage, but I have worn this shade quite a lot since I got it about a month ago. I find it looks great when I wear mint green clothes, which I do a lot since it's my favourite colour.

The texture is light, almost weightless and not sticky at all. I find it very similar to L'Oreal's Rouge Caresse. It's very balmy and moisturising, it's a good substitute for a lip balm, but my lips aren't that dry currently. It looks glossy on the lips, but again as with the rest glossy lipsticks, it's a creamy shine not a full on mirror shine.  

Due to the light, glossy texture and the fact the shade is light, the longevity is poor. I'm lucky to get it to stay for an hour or two, provided I don't eat or drink as it doesn't survive that well. One swipe with your hand or a tissue and it's gone.

The shade is a light peach with a bit of pink and a white base. I wouldn't call it coral, because for me coral has some red in it. Pigmentation is ok for such a light colour, obviously it takes a few swipes to get it intense enough, but it's more pigmented than light shades from other brands.

The packaging is slimmer than the lipsticks from the regular line. I find Maybelline's packaging a bit cheap looking, but it works fine. 

These are quite expensive. I got mine for 8€ in DM, while it's priced 10€ in Müller.

If I draw a comparison between the glossy-balmy lipsticks, these are my second favourite out of the ones I've tried. My favourite is still the Boots 17 Mirror Shine lipstick (I have the shade Beehive). It's the most moisturising and has the glossiest shine. Maybelline's and L'Oreal's have a very similar formula, but Maybelline's lighter shades are more pigmented. Revlon's have a heavier formula that feels slightly sticky. Essence's are very reasonably priced, but I find certain shades drying and they don't last as long as the previously mentioned brands. I still feel all of these are overpriced and should be half cheaper than proper lipstick, because they aren't as pigmented and lack staying power.

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